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Macy's has recently announced plans to hire on about 80,000 seasonal workers to staff its stores and call centers in the 2012 Holiday season. Does this mark the economy's very-merriest Christmas since the Recession? Also, political ads and the ones that sell you corn chips finally collide: Tostitos, USA Today, 7-11, Boston Market are all using the election to sell you stuff. We take a look at what that means for consumers (and voters). Plus, Marketplace's Rob Schmitz begins his series on China's migrant workers at the site of the recent Foxconn riot, and Adrienne Hill asks whether the explosion of a Japanese chemical plant is poised to cause the Great Global Diaper Shortage of 2012.  

Made in IKEA?

IKEA says it regrets a decision to airbrush women out of its Saudi Arabian catalogs. The images included one of a mom in her p.j.s, standing at the bathroom sink with her young son.
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Libyan oil production almost back to normal

Civi war combatants mindful of the importance of oil on the economy, left infrastructure largely undamaged.
Posted In: Oil, energy, Civil War

Who lost the middle class?

Commentator Michael Casey says the standard answers from the right and the left miss the point
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No, you don't have to start hoarding diapers

An explosion at a Japanese factory shut down production of an absorbency chemical used in disposable diapers. But for now, at least, it looks like the global diaper market can absorb the disruption.
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Holidays will bring more hiring

Several big retailers will increase their ranks of seasonal workers, as consumer spending picks up.
Posted In: holiday shopping, Retail

The product election

Companies are using the presidential election as a theme for their ads
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Oh, to live in a swing state

Take a journey through "campaign land" in the latest from our series examining election issues in swing states
Posted In: swing state, 2012 elections

The end of the Great Migration: A factory town's downward slide

Nearly a quarter of a billion Chinese workers relocated from the country's interior to the factory towns on the coast in one of the largest human migration the planet has ever known. Now, 20 years later, the great migration is drawing to a close.
Posted In: China, great migration, factory

Grocery stores squeezed by new competition

For the past 30 years Thompson shopped at her local grocery, a Keyfood that sat just a couple of blocks away. It was an easy walk -- but in June the Keyfood closed.
Posted In: grocery store, food desert

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