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Greenspan gets a last word in

Hilary Wicai | Jan 26, 2006
On Tuesday, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is out, after more than 18 years of service. In the meantime, he's weighing in on a big issue in financial circles: Whether corporations should be able to own banks. And his stance on the issue is not good news for the World's largest retailer. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Lobbying hearings

John Dimsdale | Jan 25, 2006
Congress continues its headlong rush to change the rules for lobbying. Democrat or Republican, House or Senate, everyone's got lobby reform as a top priority this year. Some proposals were considered in a Senate hearing today. John Dimsdale reports.

Google in China

Alisa Roth | Jan 25, 2006
There's a new version of Google out today: It's designed to avoid China's tight Internet controls... by blocking sites the Chinese government forbids. Some say Google's taking things too far. Alisa Roth has more.

Ford's ethanol hybrid

Janet Babin | Jan 25, 2006
Ford has unveiled its new ethanol-based hybrid. The company, which just cut 30,000 jobs to avoid destruction, now wants to prove how innovative it can be. From the Innovations Desk at North Carolina Public Radio, Janet Babin reports.

Realtors in a housing slowdown

Tess Vigeland | Jan 25, 2006
The country's largest real estate trade group says sales of previously owned homes dropped last month by 5.7% -- the third straight monthly decline. We've been wondering about how this will affect real estate agents, so Tess Vigeland went house-hunting with some of them.

Greenspan's legacy

| Jan 25, 2006
Alan Greenspan steps down next week after more than 18 years running the Federal Reserve. It's been quite a run. Depending on who you ask, he either gets credit or blame for today's economy. Commentator Robert Reich suggests it's a little bit of both.
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A broken patent system?

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 25, 2006
The patent system is enormously important to the American economy. And there are some, such as Adam Jaffe, who say it's spinning out of control these days. Jaffe's written a book called "Innovation and Its Discontents," and he talks to Kai.

Managing the household in New Delhi

Miranda Kennedy | Jan 25, 2006
In India, being a homemaker doesn't just require elbow grease. Running a home there takes some serious managerial skills. Miranda Kennedy spent a day with the lady of one household in New Delhi.

Leery of Lexus Lanes

| Jan 25, 2006
Savvy Traveler commentator Rudy Maxa cries foul over government plans for two-tiered security screening at airports.

Palestinian elections

| Jan 25, 2006
Palestinians go to the polls today to elect a new parliament. As Hilary Krieger reports, many voters are pinning their economic hopes on the militant Hamas party.