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One-second advertising

Shia Levitt | Jun 14, 2006
Broadcasting giant Clear Channel is considering a new format for radio advertising called blinks. Will one-second ad spots work? Shia Levitt has more.

Hurricane relief fraud

Scott Jagow | Jun 14, 2006
Today Congress looks at an audit that found massive abuse of FEMA relief money. As much $1.4 billion — or 16% — of the money was spent on things like tropical vacations, football tickets, even a sex change.
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Congress wary of 'emergency' spending

John Dimsdale | Jun 13, 2006
President Bush's spending habits in Iraq are getting a closer look on the Hill. More than four years and $400 billion later, Congress appears ready to put its foot down on the use of emergency budget requests for the war. John Dimsdale reports.
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Wall Street's beleaguered brokerages

Amy Scott | Jun 13, 2006
Goldman Sachs today reported gangbuster earnings for last quarter, only to see its share price fall three percent. Yesterday something similar happened to Lehman Brothers. Amy Scott has the story.
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Ford CEO calls for smarter meetings

Tess Vigeland | Jun 13, 2006
Ford Motor's chief executive has unveiled a new policy on meetings. Sometimes, he says, they're counterproductive. No kidding. Tess Vigeland went looking for ways to help them avoid meeting mayhem.

Breaking the system of 'legalized bribery'

| Jun 13, 2006
Commentator and Washington Post columnist Jeff Birnbaum says the Jack Abramoff scandal in Washington has made politicians admit something they didn't want to: Money has power.
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Underground pharming

Janet Babin | Jun 13, 2006
It's the farm of tomorrow hundreds of feet underground, where big companies test <NOBR>bio-engineered</NOBR> crops in huge caverns to prevent the accidental spread of seeds. Janet Babin reports.

We've got mail

| Jun 13, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal takes a look at the letters inbox, and it's mighty full this week.

Closet crafters cash in on clutter

| Jun 13, 2006
The housing boom is slowing across the country, but there is one home market that's still expanding &mdash; the closet. Intrepid reporter Cash Peters went on a tour of the oversized closet.

Hemorrhaging tuition money

| Jun 13, 2006
College has gotten so expensive that many students can't just count on what their parents may have saved up. Commentator Jonathan Hobbs gives us a good laugh over that one.