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Bird flu lands on the edge of Europe

Stephen Beard | Oct 13, 2005
Health officials confirmed today the flu virus found in Turkish birds is the one that has killed more than 60 people in Asia. The EU may set aside $1.2 billion to fight a possible pandemic. Stephen Beard reports.
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Katrina jobless hit 438,000

Dan Grech | Oct 13, 2005
The US economy is still weathering the effects of Rita and Katrina. And there's no sign of better job prospects ahead. From WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech has the story.

From New Orleans to Birmingham

| Oct 13, 2005
Cities that took in New Orleans evacuees are wondering how to cope with their new residents. Birmingham, Alabama wouldn't mind a few more. Tanya Ott reports.

Thinking about college

Sarah Gardner | Oct 13, 2005
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings has convened a national panel on higher education to meet Monday. Will it result in a no-university-student-left-behind plan? Sarah Gardner has the story.

The shrinking public domain

| Oct 13, 2005
Shakespeare and Edith Wharton are in the public domain, but Spiderman may not get there. Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig wants to protect the public domain; he talks to host Kai Ryssdal.

Factories open — and close — in Swaziland

| Oct 13, 2005
Textile manufacturers around the world have been feeling China's presence in the market. In southern Africa investors have been have been pulling out. Megan Williams reports from Swaziland.
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Chris Farrell on mergers

| Oct 13, 2005
Host Scott Jagow talks to financial expert Chris Farrell about the growing pace of global mergers. Concerns over looming interest rate hikes in the US appear to be driving the boom.

Moving moving moving

| Oct 13, 2005
In a city as diverse as New York, specialized market niches abound. Maureen McMurray looks at the growing success of one of these niches: gay moving companies.

Improv in the workplace

Lisa Napoli | Oct 13, 2005
The legendary comedy group Second City has a new DVD out on the market: a corporate training program designed to help make you work better with your colleagues. Host Lisa Napoli talks to Second City's Tom Yorton.

Gobbling GM stock

Amy Scott | Oct 13, 2005
Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian's recent moves to acquire GM stock have many wondering what his strategy for the ailing automaker might be. Amy Scott reports.