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The new school lunch

Sarah Gardner | Apr 6, 2006
Federal lawmakers are expected to introduce legislation today that would set new standards for school lunches. Gone are sodas, candy bars and snack foods. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Wide disparities in US health care found

Helen Palmer | Apr 6, 2006
The United States may have the world's most effective health care system, but according to a new study, it's far from the most equitable. Helen Palmer reports.
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Flying to Moscow? You'd better tell the truth

Stephen Beard | Apr 6, 2006
An ability to pass a lie detector test will come in handy if you're flying into Moscow. The airport has introduced a whole new layer of security. Stephen Beard reports.
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Massachusetts has a plan for healthcare

Helen Palmer | Apr 5, 2006
The Massachusetts legislature has approved a healthcare plan it believes, in a couple of years, won't cost taxpayers a dime. Gov. Mitt Romney says he'll sign it. Other states are going to wait and see. Helen Palmer reports.
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DeBeers deal's ties to ANC questioned

Stephen Beard | Apr 5, 2006
South African diamond giant De Beers sold a stake in the company to an investment firm today. Critics of the deal point to close ties between the investment firm's owners and the ruling African National Congress. Stephen Beard reports.

GM's CEO discusses his turnaround plan

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 5, 2006
General Motors has been in the news a lot lately with slumping sales, an offer to buy out many of its workers, and the sale of its finance arm. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to GM's CEO, Rick Wagoner, about his plans for turning the company around.

Reich on savings

| Apr 5, 2006
The Senate Finance Committee meets tomorrow to talk about how little Americans are saving. Commentator Robert Reich thinks he knows why — and what we ought to do about it.

Wealthy have benefitted most from tax breaks

John Dimsdale | Apr 5, 2006
That saying about the rich getting richer? It's true, according to two recent reports. John Dimsdale looks into the story behind the numbers.

Self-sustaining parks

Bob Moon | Apr 5, 2006
You might not have given it much thought, but that greenspace in your town costs money. The burden has usually fallen on taxpayers. Now, a growing number of parks are sprouting corporate logos. Bob Moon reports.

Is tax-free trade enough for Pakistan's poor?

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 5, 2006
Although the US won't offer Pakistan nuclear technology, it has offered some Pakistani industries tax-free access to US markets. But Pakistani businessmen aren't satisfied. Miranda Kennedy explains why.
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