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A Coin for Your Thoughts

| Feb 18, 2006
More folks are investing their brand new cash into antique pocket change. Coin expert Fred Weinberg schools Kai on the art of the deal.
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Real Estate Revolution

| Feb 18, 2006
A new site promises to shake up the real estate world. Type in an address. Find out... everything. Kai assesses the consumer implications from Elizabeth Razzi, the author of the "Fearless Home Buyer."
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Courting a Mediator

| Feb 18, 2006
Battles over child custody or land disputes don't have to end up in court. Reporter Brian Bull looks at a cheaper way to reach a mutual resolution.

Refund or Not to Refund

| Feb 18, 2006
It feels so right, but could it be wrong? Does getting a tax refund mean you're a poor financial planner? Marketplace's Tess Vigeland reports.
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The FDA and generic drugmakers

Helen Palmer | Feb 17, 2006
The FDA announced today that it wants to charge user fees to companies who make generic drugs. Helen Palmer looks at the reasons behind the FDA push, and what it means for generic drug makers.
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Chinese company sues for patent infringement

Alisa Roth | Feb 17, 2006
Chinese company Netac has filed a lawsuit against a US competitor for alleged infringement of one of its patents. Alisa Roth looks at this unusual case of a Chinese company pursuing piracy charges overseas.

Don't spend it all in one place

Dan Grech | Feb 17, 2006
With the Powerball jackpot reaching a record $365 million, Dan Grech looks at the numerous things one could buy with that kind of money.
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International business, meet national security

Hilary Wicai | Feb 17, 2006
Two US Senators say they will introduce legislation that would block a Dubai company from buying a British company because of security concerns. The issue is that the company in question operates several US shipping ports. Hillary Wicai reports.

Perhaps a Powerball ticket...

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 17, 2006
As both the US and Israel threaten to restrict funds available to the Palestinian Authority, Kai talks to Geoffrey Aronson from the Foundation for Middle East Peace about whether Hamas has an economic program that's feasible.
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The Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 17, 2006
Kai Ryssdal checks in with Dallas stock broker David Johnson about the week on Wall Street.
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