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The effects of Hamas' new power

| Jan 24, 2006
Tomorrow, Palestinians head to the polls to vote in national legislative elections. For the first time, the militant Islamic group Hamas is fielding its own candidates. As Hilary Krieger reports from Ramallah, if the group becomes a major political force, it could trigger political and economic fallout.

The Hamas Gamble

| Jan 24, 2006
It's only natural that many participants in the Middle East conflict have reservations about Hamas' political gains. But giving Palestinians a chance to vote for Hamas candidates is worth the gamble, says writer and commentator Reza Aslan.

Strange bedfellows

Youth Radio | Jan 24, 2006
The marriage of convenience is alive and well for some young members of the US military. Their spouses receive health benefits while the service members receive additional pay and benefits. But the military's not so thrilled by the trend. Youth Radio's Sophie Simon-Ortiz has more.

European cartels

Stephen Beard | Jan 24, 2006
The culture of collusion and price-fixing is alive and well in Europe. But regulators have served notice the end of cartel activity is nigh. Stephen Beard reports.

Mergers and layoffs

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jan 24, 2006
Think outsourcing is the number one cause of layoffs in the tech industry? Guess again. As Stacey Vanek-Smith reports, the real culprit is all those corporate mergers.
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Merger disclosure

| Jan 24, 2006
Commentator David Wells argues that the SEC needs to require merging companies to disclose more information about the deals.
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J&J mulls new Guidant offer

Helen Palmer | Jan 24, 2006
Johnson&Johnson is likely to escalate the bidding war over Guidant Technologies today. As Helen Palmer reports, the red-hot medical device market makes Guidant attractive, despite its liabilities.
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Brokerage partying

Amy Scott | Jan 24, 2006
"Dwarf tossing" competitions and racy bachelor parties -- sounds like fraternity entertainment at David Lynch U. But Amy Scott reports, it's happening at Wall Street brokerages, and regulators want it to stop.
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Environmental Performance Index

John Dimsdale | Jan 24, 2006
A group of researchers from Yale and Columbia has devised a scorecard to rate countries on how well they manage their environmental and natural resources. As John Dimsdale reports, the US lags behind most of the developed world.

Toyota seeks higher NASCAR profile

Bob Moon | Jan 24, 2006
The Japanese automaker has announced plans to enter its vehicles in NASCAR's elite Nextel and Busch series, currently dominated by the Chevy, Ford and Dodge brands. As Bob Moon reports, it's more about marketing than racing.