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Following the counterfeit profit chain

Lisa Napoli | Apr 19, 2006
Author Tim Phillips tells host Lisa Napoli that organized criminal gangs are behind much of the world's product piracy.

Outlook for world economy: Big yawn

Scott Tong | Apr 19, 2006
The International Monetary Fund comes out with its latest report on the global economy today, but as Scott Tong reports, its influence over world financial matters may be at an all time low.

Planes could see early retirement

Hilary Wicai | Apr 19, 2006
Right now, there's no retirement age for commercial airplanes. They can fly well into their golden years - as long as they pass the maintenance exams.But the US government is rethinking this. Hillary Wicai reports.

Light at the end of Delta's tunnel?

Alisa Roth | Apr 19, 2006
The leaders of Delta's pilots union sit down today to discuss a proposed compromise plan to keep both the pilots and the bankrupt carrier in business. As Alisa Roth reports, the pilots may have no choice but to accept the plan.

Riding the Indian stock market

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 19, 2006
The recent roller coaster of the Indian stock market has spooked many foreign institutional investors but encouraged many local market players. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Hu's lucky number: 787

| Apr 19, 2006
Chinese President Hu Jintao visits a Boeing assembly plant outside Seattle today. As Jason Paur reports, Hu's tour underscores China's growing relationship with the American aircraft giant.

Freddie pays record fine

Stacey Vanek Smith | Apr 19, 2006
Home loan giant Freddie Mac has agreed to pay a record fine to settle charges that it made illegal campaign contributions. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Record oil prices, but no trickledown to other products -- yet

Sam Eaton | Apr 18, 2006
Oil hit another record price today - trading above $72 a barrel for the first time. Despite predictions that rising energy costs would send the economy into a tailspin, wholesale inflation numbers out today say otherwise. Sam Eaton reports.
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Will American labels translate to retailer profits abroad?

John Dimsdale | Apr 18, 2006
Saks Fifth Avenue announced plans today to open shop in China. At the same time, khaki-purveyor, the Gap, announced it's planning to open 35 stores in the Middle East. John Dimsdale looks into American retailers betting big on foreign markets.

Study: Health problems persist among poor hurricane evacuees

Helen Palmer | Apr 18, 2006
A new study says that Hurricane Katrina evacuees still living in temporary government housing are suffering from high rates of chronic illnesses and mental problems. Helen Palmer reports.
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