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More about those pesky ports

| Mar 1, 2006
The proposal to sell a Dubai-based company major American ports is on hold. The Bush administration agreed Sunday to an investigation of the deal's potential security risks. But New Jersey officials argued today that that review wouldn't be sufficient. Commentator Ben Barber also has a problem with the port deal.

Math and science

Sarah Gardner | Mar 1, 2006
A Senate subcommittee listened to a report on boosting American students' interest and knowledge of science and engineering today. This is part of President Bush's larger plan to increase American competitiveness and keep technological rivals China and India at bay. But in many schools across America, it's an uphill battle. Sarah Gardner reports.

India's economic transformation

Scott Jagow | Mar 1, 2006
Scott Jagow talks to author Gucharan Das about the economic transformation President Bush is likely to see as he starts his visit to India today.
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Reich on ports

| Mar 1, 2006
With all the ruckus over Dubai Ports World, commentator Robert Reich tries to sort out just who would actually run the show at the ports in question.

Lisa Napoli | Mar 1, 2006
The Chinese government launches an alternative to the US-dominated Internet today. Lisa Napoli reports that other countries may follow suit.

Delta and Northwest deadlines

Janet Babin | Mar 1, 2006
The Number Three and Number Four air carriers both face deadlines today in their efforts to void labor contracts as part of bankruptcy restructuring. Janet Babin reports.

Natural gas royalty flap

John Dimsdale | Mar 1, 2006
The Department of the Interior is expected to tell a Congressional panel today that the government was not short-changed $700 million in gas company royalties, as originally reported. John Dimsdale explains.

Lead paint ruling

Alisa Roth | Mar 1, 2006
Even though three paint companies were spared punitive damages in a liability case involving lead-based paint in Rhode Island, the companies could still be on the hook for billions of dollars in cleanup costs. Alisa Roth reports.

Windy Lady Liberty

Sarah Gardner | Mar 1, 2006
Starting this month, the Statue of Liberty will be lit exclusively by wind power. And as Sarah Gardner reports, it'll cost the government more than if it used conventional energy.

Bike summit

| Mar 1, 2006
Urban planners and others gather today in Washington, DC to figure out how to spend $5 billion to encourage more bike use in congested cities. Dan Konecky reports.