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Last-Minute Tax Advice

| Apr 14, 2006
Don't panic. Take a deep breath and remember the "e" word: extension. Kai gets last-minute tax advice from Victor Omelczenko of the Internal Revenue Service.
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Ford's way forward: close more plants

| Apr 13, 2006
A couple of months ago Ford said its plan for getting the car maker back on track involved closing 14 plants. Three already were named, and today workers at two more learned they're next. Cheryl Glaser reports.

Bush pushes worker plan to small business

John Dimsdale | Apr 13, 2006
President Bush told a small-business conference today that an immigration bill must contain a guest worker program. But John Dimsdale reports that small-business owners are sharply divided on the proposal.
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Cuba wants foreign investment in its sugar

Dan Grech | Apr 13, 2006
The Cuban government is seeking foreign investment in its sugar industry for the first time in more than four decades. Three companies have expressed an interest, but they're remaining anonymous. Dan Grech reports.
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This scheme sounds like a movie

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 13, 2006
Arrested this week for allegedly participating in a $6.7 million insider trading ring was a Goldman Sachs analyst named Eugene Plotkin. New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin tells Kai Ryssdal about a screenplay Plotkin wrote that sounds a lot like what he's accused of.
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Building with green wood

| Apr 13, 2006
Some cities have set up "green" building councils to encourage architects and contractors to keep the environment in mind when choosing materials for their projects. And as David Welch reports, green building starts with green trees.

Take me out to the urban renewal

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 13, 2006
Business-of-sports commentator Diana Nyad talks with Kai Ryssdal about the newer, fancier stadiums being built around the country and the impact they're having on their cities.
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Catering to a mature market

Jocelyn Ford | Apr 13, 2006
Japan has one of the world's fastest aging populations. An aging population means a new kind of consumer and a new kind of niche marketing. What kind of niche? Jocelyn Ford reports.
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One dollar portrait

| Apr 13, 2006
Ever wonder where the portrait of George Washington that adorns the dollar bill comes from? Reporter Sean Cole visits a Boston Museum to get the answer.

Googling the future

| Apr 13, 2006
CNET editor Brian Cooley talks to host Mark Austin Thomas about where Google goes from here.