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Shining the spotlight on hedcuts

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 12, 2005
The Wall Street Journal doesn't put photos on its front page; instead, it uses sketches known as "hedcuts." Now the Smithsonian has a special exhibit on hedcuts, and host Kai Ryssdal spoke to curator Anne Goodyear about it.

Economies of scale in India

Miranda Kennedy | Dec 12, 2005
How far does a public radio salary go in India? It turns out, pretty far. Miranda Kennedy reports on her relative high-wealth status.

Ford's restructuring

Scott Jagow | Dec 12, 2005
Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan talks to host Scott Jagow about whether Ford's proposed restructuring plans are too little, too late.
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Entrepreneurship in Cuba

Lisa Napoli | Dec 12, 2005
Author Rosa Lowenger talks to host Lisa Napoli about her new book, "Tropicana Nights," which looks at how one entrepreneur thrived in Cuba despite the centrally planned economy... and how new businesses are coming up.
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Curbing lobbyist perks

| Dec 12, 2005
Congressional representatives turned lobbyists have special perks regular influence peddlers don't. But a new bill could level the playing field. Nancy Marshall Genzer has more.

White House Conference on Aging

Hilary Wicai | Dec 12, 2005
President Bush today continues a 4-day conference with seniors and aging experts to discuss the plight of retiring baby boomers. More of them are expected to work later into traditional retirement years. Hillary Wicai reports.

Fed to cloud crystal ball

Amy Scott | Dec 12, 2005
The Federal Reserve Board meets this week, but this time don't expect to hear any predictions about the health of the economy. Amy Scott has more.
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Sugar dynamo

Dan Grech | Dec 12, 2005
The nation's largest sugar producer, Domino, resumes operations today for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. It's hoped output from Domino will ease inflationary pressures on sugar prices. Dan Grech reports.

Circus trial

| Dec 12, 2005
The owner of Ringling Bros. circus is on trial for allegedly hiring spies to discredit PETA. Key documents in the trial are due today. As Gretchen Cook reports, the circus has more at stake than possible monetary damages.

OPEC meets

Alex Cohen | Dec 12, 2005
Amidst record oil prices and profits, OPEC ministers are scheduled to meet today. Alex Cohen looks at whether market conditions will keep OPEC nations rolling in the green next year.