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Value-added outsourcing

Alisa Roth | Oct 12, 2005
Cutting costs isn't the only reason big corporations outsource job from the United States. Alisa Roth looks at the latest outsourcing trends.

Home heating outlook

Stacey Vanek Smith | Oct 12, 2005
The US Department of Energy holds its annual Winter Fuels Outlook Conference today. Stacy Vanek Smith gives us a preview of their forecast.

America's endangered forests

Jeff Tyler | Oct 12, 2005
National forests in the United States contribute 2% percent of the materials used to manufacture wood products in this country. Pressure is building to increase that figure; Jeff Tyler reports.

To err is human

Helen Palmer | Oct 12, 2005
A new report shows errors by overworked doctors in training cost $13 billion a year in extra medical care and lost wages. Helen Palmer reports.
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China in space

Ruth Kirchner | Oct 12, 2005
China blasted off its second manned spacecraft today. Two astronauts are orbiting the earth for the next five days. From Beijing, Ruth Kirchner has more.

The soft side of Microsoft?

Rachel Dornhelm | Oct 11, 2005
Today, for a mere $761 million, Microsoft dispensed with the last of the big American anti-trust lawsuits against it. This one by the media company Real Networks. Rachel Dornhelm has the story.

Time Warner and Icahn

Dan Grech | Oct 11, 2005
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is not afraid to vent his spleen. Back in May, he took aim at Blockbuster — and wound up on the board of directors. Today he put Time Warner in his sights. Dan Grech reports.

For a fistful of yuan

Stephen Beard | Oct 11, 2005
Treasury secretary John Snow arrived in Shanghai today, where he's expected to urge Beijing to let the yuan rise against the dollar. But Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports that currency traders aren't betting on it.

Everybody wants a new constitution

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 11, 2005
It hasn't even been voted on yet, but Iraqi officials are already discussing how to change their new constitution. Borzou Daragahi has been covering the story for the Los Angeles Times; he talks to Kai Ryssdal. He says the document is amazingly specific and deliberatly vague about alot of key economic questions. Oil being number one among them.

New Orleans' chicken and egg dilemma

Sam Eaton | Oct 11, 2005
Businesses across the city need to hire people so they can reopen. People need the businesses there so they can move back. So which comes first? We sent Sam Eaton there to fine out.