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Israelis boost their own tourism market

Hilary Krieger | Sep 6, 2006
Before the rest of the summer is gone, Israelis are jump-starting tourism to their nation's northern border which came to a halt during the fighting. Hilary Krieger reports.
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Conversation with Lucent CEO Pat Russo

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 6, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Pat Russo, CEO of Lucent Technologies in the latest Conversation from the Corner Office.

Flying with baby just got easier

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 6, 2006
Today the FAA approved a harness that connects to a regular seatbelt — and it only weighs about a pound.

Corporate lobbying is here to stay

| Sep 6, 2006
Despite talk of reform, commentator Jeff Birnbaum argues that lobbyists will always be a key part of how Washington works.

Russo keeps innovation at heart of Lucent

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 6, 2006
Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal talks to Lucent CEO Pat Russo about leading the company through tough times.

Can Ford's new CEO turn the car(maker) around?

Bob Moon | Sep 6, 2006
Bob Moon takes a look at the man now in the driver's seat at Ford — and what he'll need to do to lead the automaker back to the black.

Music for sale on MySpace

Janet Babin | Sep 6, 2006
The social networking Web site is making waves in the music industry by allowing artists with MySpace pages to sell music on them. Janet Babin reports.
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Heightened security speeds trade

Stephen Beard | Sep 6, 2006
Tighter security since 9/11 has actually led to faster, more efficient trade, says the World Bank. Many ports around the world now operate more quickly than they did five years ago. Stephen Beard reports.
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Backdating goes to Washington

Scott Tong | Sep 6, 2006
Today lawmakers wade into the stock options backdating scandal. The Senate has scheduled hearings in the bank and finance committees where the top question is likely to be, what happens next? Scott Tong reports.
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Intel layoffs

| Sep 6, 2006
Tech analyst Rob Enderele weighs in on Intel's announcement that it will lay off 10 percent of its workforce.