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North Korea sanctions may have to be creative

Scott Tong | Jul 5, 2006
Japan instituted some sanctions after North Korea's missile tests. Now the US is pushing for a "strong signal" from the UN. But what do you take from a country with little in the way of legitimate economy? Scott Tong reports.
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Backdating options scandal moves forward

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 5, 2006
At least 50 companies have had to open their books to the feds in the scandal of backdating stock options. Now, the SEC appears ready to pursue civil charges against one of them. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Big moneymaker in Shanghai

Jocelyn Ford | Jul 5, 2006
The Bank of China's shares made a strong debut Wednesday on the Shanghai stock market. The sale raised $2.5 billion, making it mainland China's biggest IPO. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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The emperor's new CD?

Lisa Napoli | Jul 5, 2006
Universal Music wants to save the compact disc. The company said today it's unveiling new packaging to make CDs more attractive to consumers who've been lured about by digital downloads. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Ken Lay's legacy

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 5, 2006
Enron's founder and convicted former CEO, Kenneth Lay died of a heart attack today. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to veteran energy reporter Barbara Shook about Lay's legacy in the energy business.

Who is Felipe Calderon?

Dan Grech | Jul 5, 2006
It may take months to resolve Mexico's disputed presidential elections, but the winner appears to be business-friendly Felipe Calderon. What policies is he likely to pursue if he's declared the winner? Dan Grech reports.
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Mexico, kill your monopolies

| Jul 5, 2006
Commentator Glenn Hubbard argues that Mexico needs to liberalize its economy further in order to stem the exodus of its citizens to the United States.

Tribes' riches increase membership battles

Rachel Dornhelm | Jul 5, 2006
Gambling is a big business for American Indian tribes — and that means big money for their members. But a growing number say they're being forced out of the pot. Rachel Dornhelm has the story.

Ken Lay dies at 64

| Jul 5, 2006
Enron Corp. founder Kenneth Lay, who was convicted of helping perpetuate one of the most sprawling businessfrauds in US history, has died. He was 64.

Minimum wage hike = smart politics

| Jul 5, 2006
Commentator Robert Reich argues Republicans, as much as Democrats, stand to score political points by boosting the minimum wage.