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Resilient Lebanon

Ben Gilbert | Aug 9, 2006
While the current level of destruction in Lebanon is unprecedented, Ben Gilbert reports the country has a long history of getting back on its feet after war.
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Fed not done raising yet?

| Aug 9, 2006
Economist David Wyss offers his prediction on what Tuesday's Fed decision to keep interest rates unchanged might mean for future monetary policy.
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Hefty price tag on McCartney divorce

Stephen Beard | Aug 9, 2006
In Britain an expensive battle is looming over Paul and Heather McCartney's divorce. And they've hired the legal teams that took part in one of modern history's most famous marital splits. Stephen Beard reports.
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Clear Channel's dilemma

Jeff Tyler | Aug 9, 2006
The nation's largest operator of radio stations posted disappointing second quarter earnings Tuesday. It may be part of the company's strategy to compete in an increasingly crowded advertising market. Jeff Tyler reports.

Sprint Nextel invests in WiMax

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 9, 2006
The telecommunications company hopes to cure the growing pains of its merger a year ago with a $3 billion push to build an enhanced, high-speed wireless network. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Gasless in Seattle?

| Aug 9, 2006
Jason Paur reports the Pacific Northwest is particularly vulnerable to the shutdown of BP oil field shutdown in Alaska.

Google goes academic

Shia Levitt | Aug 9, 2006
The search engine is expected today to announce a deal with the University of California to digitize parts of its 34-million volume library collection. Shia Levitt has more.
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Curing malaria

Miranda Kennedy | Aug 9, 2006
India software services firm TCS says it's developed a new gene-based technology that will revolutionize treatment for Asia and Africa's biggest killer: malaria. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Air for sale

Janet Babin | Aug 9, 2006
Today the FCC begins auctioning off parts of the radio spectrum, the public airwaves used for things like radio, cell phones and wireless Internet. Janet Babin tells us who's buying.

No rate hike . . . this time

Bob Moon | Aug 8, 2006
The Federal Reserve today decided not to raise short-term interest rates for the 18th consecutive time. But the vote to do nothing already has everybody asking, what's next? Bob Moon reports.
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