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Accounting firms want change

Stephen Beard | Nov 8, 2006
At a meeting in Paris today, the world's biggest accounting firms are calling for a major shake-up in the way companies report their performance. Stephen Beard reports.
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Change in Washington?

John Dimsdale and Kai Ryssdal | Nov 7, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Washington D.C. bureau chief John Dimsdale about what's at stake in today's midterm elections.
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House falling in on related industries

Diantha Parker | Nov 7, 2006
Two of the nation's top luxury home builders reported steep drops in quarterly earnings today — and builders aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. Diantha Parker reports.
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Selling bonds to save lives

Stephen Beard | Nov 7, 2006
Celebrities, investors and even the Pope were among the first to buy a new type of bond in London today as part of an innovative vaccination program for the developing world. But the U.S. isn't taking part, Stephen Beard reports.
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IAE: Build more nuclear power plants

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 7, 2006
For the first time in its 32-year history, the IAE has called on world governments to rely more on nuclear energy. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to The Economist magazine reporter Vijay Vaitheeswaran.

Liquid ban with a Twin Cities twist

| Nov 7, 2006
Commentator and travel expert Rudy Maxa found out the hard way that some cabs in his Minnesota hometown have their own set of restrictions for your carry-on bags: No alcohol allowed.
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FedEx cancels Airbus order

| Nov 7, 2006
Some companies just expect on-time delivery. FedEx announced today that it's canceled its order for 10 Airbus A380 jumbo jets after delays set the planemaker back two years. FedEx will go with Boeing instead, Dan Grech reports.
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Art market on fire

Alisa Roth | Nov 7, 2006
It's an important week for art collectors and dealers. Sotheby's big fall auction is tonight. Christie's is tomorrow. They expect to see record transactions — and record profits, Alisa Roth reports.

Microlending to create jobs in Senegal

| Nov 7, 2006
The West African country of Senegal has a 50% unemployment rate, so it's no wonder thousands of migrants take a chance and head for Spain's Canary Islands. But could small loans to help the poor start their own businesses keep them home? Jordan Davis reports.
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Green cars at your service

Lisa Napoli | Nov 7, 2006
A new car service in New York City will cost more than a cab, but you can ride with a cleaner environmental conscience — not to mention an iBook and Wi-Fi. Lisa Napoli has details.
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