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Paris in springtime

| Mar 23, 2006
French youths torched cars, threw stones at police and looted shops in Paris today as thousands of students and laborers marched to protest a controversial job law that affects young workers. Eleanor Beardsley reports.

Low-cost furniture, Swedish meatballs and daycare

Kyle James | Mar 23, 2006
IKEA is the place to go for inexpensive furniture. But in Germany, it's also the place to go for a cheap meal, daycare and all kinds of social services. From Berlin, Kyle James has the story.

Selfish genes, not selfish behavior

| Mar 23, 2006
The Enron trial continues with evidence on how Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling put personal interests before the company's. Commentator Richard Conniff says the Enron execs made the mistake of thinking humans are genetically hard-wired to be selfish.

This final note . . . . China arrests commentator

| Mar 23, 2006
If you happened to catch our China special back in January, you might have heard a commentator named Hao Wu. He's a documentary filmmaker in Beijing, with opinions on piracy in China. He said he didn't like it, but he'd learned to live with it. We found out about a month ago that Hao has been arrested by the Chinese government -- not directly as a result of his contribution to our coverage; he's been doing some documentary work with Chinese dissidents, too. Hao's family had asked for privacy until now. We'll tell you more when we know it.

High interest in Bernanke's remarks

Scott Jagow | Mar 23, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell talks with host Scott Jagow about the attention focused on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's first major speech this week.

End of an NFL era

| Mar 23, 2006
National Football League Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has announced he will retire in July. Sports business expert David Carter talks about Tagliabue's impact on the league with host Mark Austin Thomas.
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India's stock market hits new high

Miranda Kennedy | Mar 23, 2006
Investors are giving much more love to Bombay's version of Wall Street, pointing to a major difference between India's economic growth versus China's. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Illegal wood in China's workshop

Bob Moon | Mar 23, 2006
A report out today warns there is a price for those bargain furniture imports from China. Rain forests may be paying for it. Bob Moon reports.
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An upscale Wal-Mart effect?

Andrea Gardner | Mar 23, 2006
The world's largest retailer looks to lure shoppers away from Target with a new type of store it's opened in Plano, Texas. There's even a sushi bar. Andrea Gardner reports.

Bird flu and American schools

Helen Palmer | Mar 23, 2006
The US government is urging schools to prepare for a bird flu pandemic . . . just in case. Helen Palmer reports.
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