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Resolution: Unplug and enjoy

| Jan 2, 2007
Writer and commentator James Braly offers this ode to a life without television.

Wal-Mart's bright idea

Dan Grech | Jan 2, 2007
The retail giant is pushing the sale of swirl-shaped fluorescent bulbs in its stores to get consumers to switch from inefficient regular light bulbs — but it's hitting some resistance. Dan Grech reports.

Getting antsy on Wall Street

Dan Grech | Jan 2, 2007
Markets are closed today for the fourth straight day to mourn the passing of President Ford, but many traders aren't enjoying the extended holiday. Dan Grech explains.
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Jobs forecast: Sluggish

Amy Scott | Jan 2, 2007
Some economists are predicting that we'll see a slow rise in unemployment in 2007 — but the rest of us might have more money in our wallets. Amy Scott reports.
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Fat drug delivery

Helen Palmer | Jan 2, 2007
Researchers at Duke University are testing a new cancer treatment method that involves sending in tiny little fat balloons loaded with drugs. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bouncing Baby Bells

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jan 2, 2007
This week in 1984 we celebrated a new baby . . . actually seven of them. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the history.

Trends to watch in '07

Janet Babin | Jan 2, 2007
The Trends Research Institute has put out its annual forecast for expected developments in the year ahead. Janet Babin has details.

Oil settles in European trading

Stephen Beard | Jan 2, 2007
The price of oil fell below $61 a barrel in London following a relatively peaceful response to Saddam Hussein's execution in Iraq. But greater factors are at play, Stephen Beard reports.
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New flap over fois gras

Scott Jagow | Jan 2, 2007
A Spanish company has just won the fois gras industry's top award — without force-feeding the birds. But the French say that doesn't even count as fois gras.

2006 might be a tough act to follow

Amy Scott | Jan 1, 2007
For the stock market, 2006 turned out to be a very good year. But the deck might be stacked against that kind of performance in the coming year. Amy Scott reports.
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