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Latest Stories


New drug to kick smoking habit

Scott Jagow | Jul 5, 2006
A new pill from Pfizer, called Varenicline, appears to work according to studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association out today.
Posted In: Health

Can e-newspapers save the industry?

Rachel Dornhelm | Jul 5, 2006
What if you could fold up a computer screen and stuff it into your back pocket like a newspaper? Rachel Dornhelm reports on a new technology that might just help revive old media.
Posted In: Science

High cost of taking the act on the road

Lisa Napoli | Jul 5, 2006
Ever wonder how much it costs to move big road acts like Madonna and the Rolling Stones from city to city? Lisa Napoli checks it out.

Back-dating bad for bottom line

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 5, 2006
The SEC is investigating dozens of firms for back-dating stock options. Now, the Wall Street Journal says the SEC is ready to file charges against one company. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Hedge funds for the middle guy?

Amy Scott | Jul 4, 2006
A group of economic advisors today recommended the European Commission drastically lower the threshold for hedge fund investing. It's a move many would like to see copied in the US, Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Canada, Investing

A market for counteracting pollution

Sam Eaton | Jul 4, 2006
Every time you get in the car you're spewing a teeny bit of pollution into the atmosphere. But some ordinary people have come up with an innovative system to help neutralize our polluting ways. Sam Eaton explains.

My pal, the telemarketer

| Jul 4, 2006
No one likes a telemarketer. Or do they? When commentator and journalist Kevin Krolicky received an unsolicited sales call one night, the conversation went down an unexpected path.

Quest for the Holy Grail of coffee cups

Sarah Gardner | Jul 4, 2006
Every week 30 million-plus people grab coffee at Starbucks. That's a lot of cups. This spring, the company introduced a cup made with 10% post-consumer recycled fiber, the first of its kind. Sarah Gardner tells the tale.

Now showing: Ads galore

Lisa Napoli | Jul 4, 2006
Seems there's nowhere that's safe from ads anymore, certainly not the movie theater. In fact, the fastest-growing advertising medium is one you watch with a tub of popcorn in your lap. Lisa Napoli reports.

Africa's new Hollywood

| Jul 4, 2006
There's an ancient city in the Moroccan Sahara full of stars — the Tinseltown variety. Gladiator and Alexander were shot there, and Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Russell Crowe can't get enough of Ouarzazate. John Laurenson reports.
Posted In: Canada