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The trials of CFIUS

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 22, 2006
President Bush was not informed about an Arab company's plan to purchase a British port operator. That news today has more lawmakers questioning the deal which would put operations of 8 US ports in the hands of Dubai Ports World. Kai speaks to foreign investment expert David Marchick about the government process such deals have to go through.
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Alaska's new pipeline

Amy Scott | Feb 22, 2006
The state of Alaska reached a deal yesterday to build a long-sought natural gas pipeline. After a year of negotiations, Exxon Mobil, BP, and Conoco Phillips agreed to pay a 20% tax on their revenues in Alaska if the deal goes forward. Amy Scott reports.

Citgo investigation

Dan Grech | Feb 22, 2006
The American arm of Venezuela's state-owned oil firm, Citgo, has been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives, which is investigating the company's program to provide heating oil to the poor. Dan Grech reports.

Rebuilding in Biloxi

Stephen Smith | Feb 22, 2006
In a few weeks, some homeowners on Mississippi's Gulf Coast should be able to start applying for federal grant money to rebuild their houses. But advocates for the poor say Mississippi's program leaves out some of the state's most economically vulnerable residents. Stephen Smith of American RadioWorks reports.

"Impossible is nothing"

| Feb 22, 2006
By any definition, Iraq is a hostile business climate. Most Iraqi businessmen who could leave have done so. But there is one group defying the odds. As Ben Gilbert reports from Baghdad, the Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce is not your typical group of local business leaders.

Meet the Powerball winners

Nate DiMeo | Feb 22, 2006
Eight workers in a Lincoln, Nebraska meat processing plant have won the biggest Powerball jackpot in US Lottery history. The workers say they're going to evenly split the $365 million prize. Nate DiMeo reports.

People in glass houses of Congress...

| Feb 22, 2006
Shifting ground for American companies operating in China is nothing new, but Google's accommodation of China's censorship attracted the attention of Congress last week. Commentator Robert Reich says it's time the ground shifted under some feet over here.
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Ballooning health spending

Helen Palmer | Feb 22, 2006
A new report out today predicts that healthcare spending will account for 20% of the GPD by 2015. Helen Palmer reports.
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The IRS wants you

John Dimsdale | Feb 22, 2006
The Internal Revenue Service reports millions of taxpayers are due a refund that will revert back to Uncle Sam if they don't claim the money soon. John Dimsdale reports.
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Animal flyers

| Feb 22, 2006
Commentator Rudy Maxa looks at the complications of air travelers flying with Fido.



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