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Looking down at the world's problems

Stephen Beard | Jan 24, 2007
Business and political leaders from around the globe have gathered high in the Swiss Alps for the annual World Economic Forum. Hot topics this year: globalization, trade imbalances — and global warming of course.
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Kid-friendly homes . . . in the city

Lisa Napoli | Jan 24, 2007
Some builders in New York have discovered a growing niche in the housing market: families who want the comforts of a suburban lifestyle without the commute. Lisa Napoli has the story.
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Let the ethanol debate begin

Bob Moon | Jan 24, 2007
With his sweeping call for a 20 percent reduction in gasoline use, President Bush set into motion a full-scale debate over alternative fuels — and what's really the best path to energy independence.

The health insurance tax break

Scott Jagow | Jan 24, 2007
President Bush has proposed tax reform which would treat the health insurance you get through your employer as taxable income. So who would benefit from his plan?
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Did Microsoft cheat the system?

Steve Tripoli | Jan 24, 2007
Microsoft allegedly offered to pay a software engineer to edit entries in the open-source Web encyclopedia Wikipedia. But is that a problem in a medium that, by definition, anyone can contribute to? Steve Tripoli reports.
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Living in different worlds

Helen Palmer | Jan 24, 2007
American children of different races aren't growing up in a world of equal opportunity, according to data collected by researchers as part of a new project exploring diversity in U.S. metro areas. Helen Palmer reports.
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Sinking ship buoys nickel prices

Stephen Beard | Jan 24, 2007
A shipwreck off the coast of Britain has hoisted the price of nickel. The ill-fated cargo ship was carrying a thousand tons of the metal, which is already in high demand. Stephen Beard reports.
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State Farm settles flood of lawsuits

Hilary Wicai | Jan 24, 2007
Insurance giant State Farm has agreed to pay out about $80 million to Mississippi policyholders who had sued over unpaid claims following Hurricane Katrina. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Economic turning point: Productivity's down

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 23, 2007
The Conference Board came out with a report today saying U.S. productivity growth is slipping. Kai Ryssdal talks with the Board's Ken Goldstein about what that might mean for inflation and interest rates.
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Pension funds are filling up

John Dimsdale | Jan 23, 2007
Analysis shows that the nation's 100 largest companies have set aside more than enough money to take care of their pension obligations. That's a big change from just a few years ago. John Dimsdale reports.
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