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Record trade deficit not <i>all</i> bad news

Scott Tong | Oct 12, 2006
Soaring oil prices sent the U.S. trade deficit to a record of almost $70 billion in August. But the government says record imports of oil sank a healthy gain in U.S. exports. Scott Tong reports.
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AT&T, Bell South merger vote delayed

Lisa Napoli | Oct 12, 2006
The FCC delayed the vote that would reunite key parts of Ma Bell 'til tomorrow, but didn't explain why. Lisa Napoli says telecom industry watchers think they know.
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Turkey threatens boycott over genocide bill

Alisdair Sandford | Oct 12, 2006
France's parliament wants to make it a crime to deny Armenian genocide occurred at the hands of Turks during WWI. The measure hasn't even passed yet, but Turkey's already threatened a boycott of French goods. Alasdair Sandford reports.
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Government accounting magic

| Oct 12, 2006
Gas prices: down. Deficit: shrinking. All the good news had commentator and economist Austan Goolsbee feeling pretty good &mdash; until he poked into the government's numbers.

China bounds ahead in gene therapy

Jocelyn Ford | Oct 12, 2006
While U.S. research in areas of biotech medicine such as gene therapy has slowed, China is forging ahead. So a trickle of Americans with terminal cancer are seeking treatments there not available at home. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Clearance sale: Baja Fresh goes for $31 million

Sarah Gardner | Oct 12, 2006
Wendy's announced today it's selling the Mexican grill chain to a group of investors for the bargain price of about $31 million &mdash; a fraction of the $275 million the burger chain paid for it in 2002. Sarah Gardner asks how Baja Fresh went stale.

Wheat prices keep growing

| Oct 12, 2006
A major drought in Australia has driven wheat prices up here in the US. Prices hit a 10-year high yesterday and investors are scared that there may be wheat shortages for months to come. Mike Rhee reports.
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A model for universal health care?

Helen Palmer | Oct 12, 2006
About 46 million Americans don't have health insurance. Some states have stopped waiting on the federal government and put universal health care measures on their ballots. Leading the way: Massachusetts. Helen Palmer reports.
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Putting dollars behind those green ambitions

Sarah Gardner | Oct 12, 2006
It's easy to say you support the environment, but will Californians put their money where their mouths are? The state is trying to build a million solar roofs by 2017. Sarah Gardner reports.

NCAA tax status in question

| Oct 12, 2006
Host Mark Austin Thomas speaks with business of sports expert David Carter about the NCAA and the heat it's taking for its tax exempt status.
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