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Blair fundraiser arrested again

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jan 31, 2007
Lord Michael Levy has been arrested for a second time in connection with a campaign finance scandal that may be getting uncomfortably close to Tony Blair himself, Stephen Beard tells us.
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Tesco's coming to town

| Jan 31, 2007
The British retailer is the world's fifth largest and it's opening its first U.S. store later this year under the name Fresh and Easy. Jeff Tyler has details.
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Tortilla protest in Mexico

Dan Grech | Jan 31, 2007
Thousands will gather in Mexico City today to protest the price of tortillas. The cost of the corn-based staple has tripled in recent months. Is the new demand for ethanol to blame? Dan Grech reports.
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Big banking decision today

John Dimsdale | Jan 31, 2007
Companies like Home Depot, Chrysler and Wal-Mart want to open their own banks, and the federal government must decide today whether to extend its moratorium on the practice. John Dimsdale reports.
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Coal mines closin' down down down

Ethan Lindsey | Jan 31, 2007
Germany has set a date that will effectively end all coal mining in that country by 2018, but some wonder if cleaner coal can still make a comeback there. Ethan Lindsey reports.
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Finally, a Tata Steel deal

Stephen Beard | Jan 31, 2007
It took three months, but India's Tata Steel has won the bidding war to take over European steelmaker Corus. And we might be looking at further consolidation in the industry, Stephen Beard reports.
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Yahoo to capitalize on 'brand universe'

Janet Babin | Jan 31, 2007
Search giant Yahoo has a plan to draw more eyeballs to its sites by harnessing the power of the 100 most popular entertainment brands. And it could be a clever strategy, Janet Babin reports.
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Some agencies count more than others

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jan 30, 2007
Congress is hoping to finish accounting for the 2007 fiscal year by tomorrow. Those who once benefitted from the budget may now be feeling left out in the cold. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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What will China do for Africa?

Scott Tong | Jan 30, 2007
Chinese President Hu Jintao's trip to Africa today affirms the fast-growing economic ties between the two countries. But financial success also means more political responsibility for China. Scott Tong reports from Shanghai.
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Pilots looking for payback

Amy Scott | Jan 30, 2007
Pilots unions are fighting to gain back some of the billions of dollars they've lost to airlines' pay and benefit cuts. Amy Scott reports.