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Wrinkles? No prob. Mole? Get in line

Helen Palmer | Aug 29, 2007
Got wrinkles? You can probably get a shot of Botox from a dermatologist within a week. But a new study finds that potentially more serious conditions could have you waiting for a month. Helen Palmer explains why.
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Keeping to a frugal U.S. spending diet

| Aug 29, 2007
Latest projections put the U.S. federal deficit at less than $160 billion -- the smallest deficit since before the September 11 terrorist attacks. Commentator David Frum says the government need to keep it that way.
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An economy built on hopes and dreams

| Aug 29, 2007
The lyrics to "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans" call the city the "land of dreamy dreams." But as many put their hearts into rebuilding, Melanie Peeples says those dreams are for sale -- now more than ever before...
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Bayou Belles change tides in N'awlins

Sam Eaton | Aug 29, 2007
New Orleans tourism is practically back in full swing and tax revenues are approaching 85 percent of pre-Katrina levels. But in its low-income neighborhoods, recovery is as potholed as the streets. Enter the Belles of Bayou Road. Sam Eaton has their story.
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Low prices come with low wages

| Aug 29, 2007
What'd you pay for that grill? As you enjoy a long weekend and Labor Day barbeques, Robert Reich suggests you think about how we as a nation traded in a unionized workforce with the bargaining clout to get higher wages for cheap goods and services.
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Unions push for universal health care

Jeremy Hobson | Aug 29, 2007
The AFL-CIO today launches a campaign to influence national discourse surrounding the 2008 election. And with the weight of 10 million members behind it, the labor federation's push will be hard to ignore. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Dialing one state closer to obsolete

Janet Babin | Aug 29, 2007
The Internet has already killed AT&T's Time & Temperature service in 48 states and now the phone company's adding California to that list. Not that many people were using it anyway, Janet Babin reports.
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Oil price balancing act

Gretchen Wilson | Aug 29, 2007
Oil-consuming countries want OPEC to put more oil on the market to drive down prices. OPEC really has no interest in that and is quick to point out that refinery constraints in places like the U.S. are the real stopgap. Gretchen Wilson fills us in.
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Sleep easy in the bond market

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 29, 2007
Investors are flocking to the safety of bonds as subprime lending fallout continues to drag Wall Street on a wild ride. The returns are nothing special, but some folks just want to know their nest egg is protected. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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More coal = more mining accidents

Janet Babin | Aug 29, 2007
It's a simple equation, say some industry watchers. Mining companies from around the world are meeting to review safety technologies and practices, but the heightened demand for coal is stressing the structure of the mines. Janet Babin reports.
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