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Congress takes interest in credit card fees

John Dimsdale | Mar 7, 2007
Executives from some of the biggest credit card companies found themselves on the defensive on Capitol Hill today over their fees and interest rates. John Dimsdale reports.
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Ruling could hit Internet radio's stop button

Bob Moon | Mar 7, 2007
Web broadcasters are warning lawmakers about a sharp increase in federally-mandated music royalties they say could drive them out of business. Bob Moon reports.
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Shots all around at L.A.'s restaurants?

Helen Palmer | Mar 7, 2007
Los Angeles County officials are considering whether to give Hepatitis A vaccinations to some 100,000 food-service workers after an infected cook was found to be working for a local catering company. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bush to avoid Chavez supporters on trip

Dan Grech | Mar 7, 2007
President Bush will head to Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. But he won't be going to countries where the politics are aligned with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Dan Grech reports.
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Paulson takes open-markets message to China

Scott Tong | Mar 7, 2007
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is expected to tell the Shanghai Futures Exchange on Thursday that it's time for China to get serious about opening its markets. Marketplace's Scott Tong talks with Kai Ryssdal about what's at stake.
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China practices some power politics

| Mar 7, 2007
Beijing's announcement that it's increasing military spending got some attention in Washington. Commentator Robert Reich explains that's just what the Chinese wanted.
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Republican hopes pinned to health care

| Mar 7, 2007
Commentator David Frum says if Republicans want to have any hopes of winning in 2008, they'd better find a fix for the American health care market — stat.

Whistleblowing made easier . . . not necessarily safer

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Mar 7, 2007
Soon wannabe whistleblowers can spill corporate and government secrets online. promises the opportunity to post documents anonymously. But critics are already asking, says who?
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The death of Internet radio?

Scott Jagow and Lisa Napoli | Mar 7, 2007
Online radio stations are facing a hefty hike in the royalties they pay to record labels for streaming music. If a federal copyright panel's ruling stands, it could wipe out smaller companies in one retroactive, fell swoop.
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Aston Martin finds a buyer

Stephen Beard | Mar 7, 2007
Ford has reportedly lined up a motor racing company to purchase its luxury Aston Martin division. Sales for the brand are on the upswing, but analysts agree that Ford is making the right move.
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