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Banks Shedding Jobs

Chris Farrell | Sep 13, 2007
The banking system is shedding jobs at a rapid rate....

Mortgage Discrimination Against Blacks and Hispanics

Chris Farrell | Sep 13, 2007
Since 1975, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act has required public disclosure of mortgage lending practices in metropolitan areas. Over the years,...

Did we say no recession?

Alisa Roth | Sep 13, 2007
A lot of economists have been notably optimistic about the subprime crisis, saying it wouldn't lead to a recession anytime soon. But a poll out today from Reuters may indicate a change of heart. Alisa Roth reports.
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Vermont quells car makers on CO2

Jeff Tyler | Sep 13, 2007
A federal judge in Vermont rejected automakers' arguments that they couldn't meet new regulations for car emissions. Jeff Tyler has more.
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Venezuela's oil expats found all over

Dan Grech | Sep 13, 2007
When Luis Ramirez was fired from his job after striking against Venezuela's state-run oil firm, he relocated to south Florida. And many of his colleagues are turning up all around the world. Dan Grech reports.
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Britain central bank won't do bail-out

Stephen Beard | Sep 13, 2007
Bank of England governor Mervyn King criticized the British Parliament for the way it's dealt with the credit crunch, saying it could pave the way for a future crisis. Stephen Beard reports.
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FAA head takes heat for lobby job

Steve Henn | Sep 13, 2007
Federal Aviation Administration head Marion Blakey is leaving government service to take a job with the Aerospace Industry Association, an industry lobbying group. The move has sparked criticism in Washington. Steve Henn reports.
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Please come to our rural college

Ethan Lindsey | Sep 13, 2007
The number of college-aged students in rural areas is dwindling and the local universities are struggling to stay open. Ethan Lindsey explores what some colleges are doing to stay afloat.
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Credit card debt? Mortgage can wait

Steve Tripoli | Sep 13, 2007
The subprime loan crisis is making some homeowners shift priorities. One big credit counseling service found that many clients are paying their credit cards before they cover the mortgage. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Brazil wants in on U.S. ethanol

Dan Grech | Sep 13, 2007
High import tariffs and subsidies for U.S. producers have made it difficult a difficult market for ethanol, but Brazil doesn't want to be kept out. Dan Grech reports.