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No private-equity blues for Blackstone

Amy Scott | Aug 13, 2007
Despite private-equity firms struggling with the credit market clamp down, Blackstone Group still posted a healthy profit last quarter. But Amy Scott reports the company may have more challenges ahead.
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Sad development in Chinese toy recall

Scott Tong | Aug 13, 2007
Mattel recently recalled nearly a million toys made a Chinese supplier because they contained dangerous levels of lead paint. Over the weekend, the head of that company reportedly committed suicide. Scott Tong reports.
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Bernanke and Credit Crunch, 1990-91

Chris Farrell | Aug 11, 2007
Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Barnanke is trying to hold the line. Although I disagree with much of the current commentary disparaging Alan...

Know your 401K plan

Janet Babin | Aug 10, 2007
With no end in sight to the subprime mortgage crisis, many Americans can at least count on one thing: their 401K. A new study says our contributions are up over the past few years. But Janet Babin reports that there are still things people don't know about their plan.
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Who owns your mortgage?

| Aug 10, 2007
Many experts point to the mortgage mess as the cause of the current stock market dip. But one problem for many people who have a bad mortgage is that they don't know who actually owns it. Tess talks to UCLA finance professor Dr. Stuart Gabriel.

Making sense of a market tailspin

Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell | Aug 10, 2007
A week after closing at a record high, the Dow posted its biggest one-day decline since February. What's going on? To help make sense of it, Tess Vigeland talks to Marketplace Money's economics editor Chris Farrell.

Summer School: Credit scores

| Aug 10, 2007
That little number can determine much of your financial destiny. This week, we take a lesson from economist Greg McBride.

Some flyers go the distance

Tess Vigeland | Aug 10, 2007
Most people don't mind flying -- except when they're forced to endure long hours and multiple stop-overs. But there is one type of traveler that not only doesn't mind stop-overs, they ask for them. Tess talks to Wired Magazine writer Dave Demerjian about "mileage runners."
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Straight Story: Higher education

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Aug 10, 2007
Economics editor Chris Farrell reacts to information that many universities are charging different tuitions based on the major of the student.

Day in the Work Life: Activist

| Aug 10, 2007
Someone's gotta stand up to the big dogs and defend the little guy. This week, we learn how to keep big companies honest when we talk to a corporate watchdog.
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