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Keeping an eye on divesting investments

Curt Nickisch | Jul 23, 2007
Mutual fund boards and money managers have basically one mission: get the best return for investors. Socially responsible investors often need to plow through the fine print. Curt Nickisch reports.
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Poll: Saying 'no' to globalization

Stephen Beard | Jul 23, 2007
A new poll finds that consumers on both sides of the Atlantic feel their lifestyles are threatened by cheap labor in China and India. Well-heeled executives should pay more taxes, too. Stephen Beard reports.
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Fighting for the right to relax

| Jul 23, 2007
There are laws on the books in 127 countries mandating vacation time for workers. But not in the U.S., where a lot of folks find they just can't afford to escape the grind in a competitive market. Wren Elhai reports.

Taking nonprofit hospitals to tax

Helen Palmer | Jul 23, 2007
The IRS is cracking down on hospitals that get tax breaks for providing charity care after a study finds many facilities spend just 1 percent of their revenue helping those who simply can't pay. Helen Palmer reports.
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Vodafone pressured on Verizon stakehold

| Jul 23, 2007
One of the European telecom giant's biggest shareholders wants to drop its big stake in Verizon Wireless. But that won't go over well with other shareholders who like the U.S. firm. We get the lowdown from Andrew Parker.
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Buzzword: Say on pay

| Jul 20, 2007
A sure way to keep the CEO in check is by voting on how much they make. But some board rooms aren't welcoming the idea.

On the money trail of Boston Gal

Tess Vigeland | Jul 20, 2007
We know how much is in her savings account and what she's got in her penny jar at home, but we don't know her name. Who is Boston Gal? Tess Vigeland delves into the mystery.
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Educating Rico: Sealing the house deal

Rico Gagliano | Jul 20, 2007
Rico's friend Rick is in the last stages of scoring a beautiful loft in downtown LA -- and that means a mortgage contract. In this last installment of our housing market series, we get to call it home.

Like stealing identity from a baby

Amy Scott | Jul 20, 2007
Your kids can have bad credit before they even hit their teens if they're victims of identity theft. Aside from monitoring credit reports, some groups would like to see this prevented on a congressional level. Amy Scott reports.

Straight Story: Unemployment and inflation

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Jul 20, 2007
The vast majority of economists say a 4.5 unemployment rate is great. Chris Farrell says it's much too high.
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