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On the Internet, Google knows if you're a dog

Janet Babin | Mar 15, 2007
When you do a Google search, Google keeps a log of it &mdash; which has been a sticking point with privacy advocates. Today Google promised to make searches anonymous <nobr>. . .</nobr> eventually. Janet Babin reports.

The Bank of Wal-Mart?

Hilary Wicai | Mar 15, 2007
Wal-Mart says it wants a limited banking license so it can save on credit card payments. But a congressman thinks he's found evidence that the retail giant has something bigger in mind. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Shifting workers' shifts

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Mar 15, 2007
Wal-Mart is trying to improve employee scheduling by using something called labor optimization software. But, as Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, it's not always optimized <em>for</em> labor.
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Will anybody push the 'up' button?

| Mar 15, 2007
Commentator and Web entrepreneur wannabe Rob Long wants you to hear the "elevator pitch" for his new website. He knows you're busy. He'll keep it simple. . . . Go!

Pieces of your minds

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 15, 2007
Kai Ryssdal combs through some of the letters you've sent recently, with comments on stories about working late and working in pollution, and on Ben Stein's commentary about oil companies.

Needling the knitters

| Mar 15, 2007
For the last few years, an increasing number of Americans have been taking up knitting. We sent Cash Peters to try his hand at an old-fashioned fashion craze made new again.

The tip-off to a productivity drop

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 15, 2007
March Madness kicked off today, and distractions abound in the workplace. There's the office pool, the live games streaming on the computer . . . It does some damage to the bottom line.
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Digging for subprime gold

Scott Jagow | Mar 15, 2007
As the subprime mortgage sector approaches a full-scale meltdown, investment bank Goldman Sachs is talking about getting deeper into subprime lending. Is it a fire sale or a fool's market?
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Barclays wants its money back

Stephen Beard | Mar 15, 2007
The subprime mortgage crisis has rippled across the pond and now British banking giant Barclays is demanding the immediate repayment of $900 million from U.S. subprime lender New Century.
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March Madness profits on demand

| Mar 15, 2007
The NCAA Tournament jumps into full swing today and big-time revenues are a slam dunk for partners like CBS &mdash; not to mention peripheral players like beer sellers.
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