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Seniors becoming old hands at Wii

| Dec 11, 2007
Still looking for a Nintendo Wii game console? Good luck. Because you just might have to fight your grandmother to get one. Jennifer Collins reports. takes an eraser to Web search

Lisa Napoli | Dec 11, 2007
Looking for a competitive edge in its pursuit of Google, the search company is marketing a way to erase the trail of digital bread crumbs you can leave behind. Lisa Napoli reports.

With no new shows, NBC gives refunds

Jeff Tyler | Dec 11, 2007
The Hollywood writers strike has halted production of new TV episodes, so NBC has begun giving money back to advertisers who had paid in advance. Other networks may follow. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Corporations find 'responsibility' sells

Jill Barshay | Dec 11, 2007
You've probably seen ads about what companies are doing for the environment or for the community. So many companies are jumping on the bandwagon that corporate responsibility has become an industry unto itself. Jill Barshay reports.

'Embedded giving' good for the taking

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 11, 2007
Charities are making it easier than ever to give by dropping a dollar at the check-out stand or including a donation in a product's purchase price. Philanthropy consultant Lucy Bernholz tells Kai Ryssdal about the concept called embedded giving.
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Too many flights, too few places to land

Alisa Roth | Dec 11, 2007
The federal government wants to limit the number of flights in and out of New York's Kennedy Airport, where frequent delays cause back-ups around the country. Meanwhile, airlines are headed to court to fight a new passenger bill of rights. Alisa Roth reports.
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China's economy running a little too hot

Scott Tong | Dec 11, 2007
While U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is in Beijing for economic talks, China reported an inflation rate of 6.9% -- its highest in 11 years. Analysts say the country has too much cash on hand. Scott Tong reports.

Buffet calls superfund a 'financial toad'

Amy Scott | Dec 11, 2007
A superfund intended to shore up confidence in Structured Investment Vehicles devastated by the subprime crisis has never caught on with banks. And today Warren Buffet put what's probably the last nail in its coffin. Amy Scott reports.
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But Ben, they were expecting more

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 11, 2007
Mr. Bernanke and his colleagues at the Federal Open Market Committee cut short-term interest rates a quarter of a point today. But Wall Street and everybody else was banking on a half-point cut. Kai Ryssdal has the details.
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Cap-and-trade still has kinks

Sarah Gardner | Dec 11, 2007
Despite the cap-and-trade system inspired by the Kyoto Protocol, Europe's greenhouse gas emissions are still rising. Sarah Gardner looks into where the scheme may have failed -- and where it could still succeed.