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Lots of liquidity . . . and, oh yes, that 'carry trade'

Bob Moon | Jun 12, 2007
Uncertain investors are making some unusual moves these days as they look for places to put their money. Our senior business correspondent Bob Moon explains what's going on in the markets.

Investors' move to bonds made easier

Janet Babin | Jun 12, 2007
New rules requiring bond prices to be made readily available is making it somewhat easier to invest in them. And brokerages are adapting, lowering fees to attract buyers. Janet Babin reports.
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Scottie Pippen and Paul Allen are farmers?

Steve Henn | Jun 12, 2007
An online report out today tracks billions of dollars in farm subsidies for the past three years. And you might be surprised who got government checks. Steve Henn has the story.
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Social networking grows en Español

| Jun 12, 2007
More social networking sites are being targeted at the Latino and Spanish-speaking markets. And that means competition for English-language sites chasing limited advertising dollars. Ambar Espinoza reports.

Ford dropping luxury lines

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 12, 2007
Ford announced today it's hired bankers to help figure out how to sell off its Land Rover and Jaguar lines. Kai Ryssdal talks with The New York Times' Micheline Maynard about the changes.
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Ban the beautiful people's yachts and jets

| Jun 12, 2007
The Senate is working on an energy plan that would set new fuel economy standards for automobiles. Commentator Ben Stein says he's all for sound energy policy, but lawmakers are going about it all wrong.
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Ohio's adult businesses are seeing red

| Jun 12, 2007
Owners of Ohio's strip clubs and adult video stores say their businesses are being threatened by some tough, new state laws. They may end up taking their fight straight to voters. Bill Cohen reports.
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Climate score: McDonald's 'not good' but winning

Sarah Gardner | Jun 12, 2007
Some new corporate rankings came out today. A group called Climate Counts is scoring popular companies based on their response to climate change. It's starting with fast food and the scores are low. Really low. Sarah Gardner has details.

Ford ready to toss luxury out the window

Scott Jagow | Jun 12, 2007
The automaker is looking to sell its high-end brands Land Rover and Jaguar. The move is probably about concentrating on volume back home says analyst Andrew Wright, but Ford is taking a risk driving away from the luxury and SUV markets.
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Shareholders shouting over Yahoo CEO pay

| Jun 12, 2007
Yahoo CEO Terry Semel is probably in for a rough day. The annual shareholder meeting gets underway this morning and a lot of the people in the room are mad that his pay keeps rising even as profits and stock prices sink. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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