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Google eyes Microsoft's market

Janet Babin | Aug 28, 2006
The search engine giant is out with yet another new product and this one's going after a market where Microsoft is currently king. Can Google Apps lure away small to mid-size businesses? Janet Babin checks it out.
Posted In: Science

SEC doing enough to fight insider trading?

Scott Jagow | Aug 28, 2006
It's back to '80s, at least when it comes to corporate mergers. A New York Times report says these big deals may mean a lot of insider trading. Host Scott Jagow speaks to Columbia University professor John Coffee.
Posted In: Wall Street

FEC considers new rules for political TV ads

Scott Tong | Aug 28, 2006
The Federal Election Commission could make a major change to the nation's campaign finance laws that would change the way political ads are funded. Scott Tong reports.
Posted In: Washington

Did the Steagles save the NFL?

Scott Jagow | Aug 28, 2006
During WWII, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles fielded a team together for a season: the Steagles. Host Scott Jagow speaks to author Matthew Algeo about how the combined team helped keep the NFL going at a critical time.
Posted In: Sports

Survival for sale

| Aug 28, 2006
Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall on the coast of Louisiana. Commentator Marcellus Andrews argues that the human suffering after the storm shows the major flaws in our economic system.

Repowering New Orleans

Dan Grech | Aug 28, 2006
Electric utility Entergy serves the Gulf Coast from Texas to Mississippi. Last year's hurricanes took out a huge chunk of the grid and destroyed nearly $2 billion in equipment. Can they repair in one year what it took decades to build? Dan Grech reports.

Surviving the summer

| Aug 28, 2006
Some New Orleans businesses that survived Hurricane Katrina may not make it through Louisiana's long, hot summer. Bill Zeeble reports.

Entergy employees return the favor

Dan Grech | Aug 28, 2006
After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans' power company took pains to take care of its workforce. One year later, that loyalty is paying off. Dan Grech has the story.

Number of uninsured grows

Helen Palmer | Aug 28, 2006
The Census Bureau will release its latest snapshot of poverty, income and health insurance tomorrow. The numbers without health insurance are expected to rise sharply. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Health

Economic worries report

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 28, 2006
A survey of economists out today shows growing concern that terrorism could slow US economic growth. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.



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