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Is eBay responsible for authenticity?

Amy Scott | Nov 13, 2007
If you buy something on eBay and it turns out to be a fake, whose fault is it? Tiffany & Co. is suing the online auction site for not doing enough to stop the sale of knockoffs. The case could change the rules for online commerce. Amy Scott reports.
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Reaction mixed to media ownership idea

Bob Moon | Nov 13, 2007
The head of the Federal Communications Commission wants to relax existing restrictions on media cross-ownership in the country's 20 biggest media markets. The proposal is drawing skepticism from different sides of the issue. Bob Moon reports.
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Public solutions or private enterprise?

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 13, 2007
Can the profit motive solve our energy problems? Management professor Stuart Hart of Cornell University, and physics professor emeritus Marty Hoffert of New York University consider that question with host Kai Ryssdal.

Between professors and pizza delivery

Alisa Roth | Nov 13, 2007
A class of middle-skill jobs has been ignored by the education system, according to a new report. Alisa Roth reports on work that requires more than a high-school diploma, but less than a four-year degree.
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Rags to riches still a fairy tale

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Nov 13, 2007
A report out says most people are making more money than their parents did. But it also says despite making more money, a lot of them still go from being poor children to poor adults. Nancy Marshall Genzer has more.

Anyone for a free Wall Street Journal?

Stephen Beard | Nov 13, 2007
Rupert Murdoch's plans for the Wall Street Journal include spreading the publication to the far corners of the world. Stephen Beard reports he's working towards that goal by making subscriptions to the WSJ website free.
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FCC to make Sirius decision

Lisa Napoli | Nov 13, 2007
The Federal Communications Commission is trying to decide if the XM-Sirius satellite radio merger would be harmful to consumers. But Lisa Napoli explains why the FCC will probably approve the deal.
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We must reduce super-sized appetites

| Nov 13, 2007
Some economists believe we can innovate our way out of the global problem of carbon emissions. But Boston College professor Juliet Schor says what we really need to do is go on a consumer diet.

Home-grown energy independence

| Nov 13, 2007
The farming town of Reynolds is a potential Saudi Arabia of bio-fuel and it's looking to become energy independent. So far, it's still a big gamble, but town leaders think it will work -- if they can lure investors.
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Priced out of the American Dream

| Nov 13, 2007
Americans are increasingly tied down by debt -- that's nothing new. But Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren says the rising costs of bare necessities, not luxuries, might change the very nature of America.