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China's new recipe for safety

Scott Tong | Jun 6, 2007
Following several domestic and international scandals surrounding the safety of China's food and drug products, the Chinese government has announced a far-reaching plan for improvement. Scott Tong has details.
Posted In: Canada

Private equity's rising debt gets Fed's attention

Amy Scott | Jun 5, 2007
Fed chief Ben Bernanke said today he's still worried about inflation. Something else the Fed is keeping its eye on is the debt that some private equity firms are amassing in their recent buying binge. Amy Scott reports.

Weak housing market hits home goods

| Jun 5, 2007
Retailer Bed, Bath and Beyond saw shares fall 5.4% today on news that first-quarter earnings would be below expectations. Some analysts are pointing the finger at the weak housing market. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Housing, Retail

Should airport workers go through the screener?

John Dimsdale | Jun 5, 2007
Congress is looking at ways to improve the screening of the 1 million people who work at the nation's airports — which isn't done already. And airlines and airports don't like the idea. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Travel

Why so much Avandia in the first place?

| Jun 5, 2007
The diabetes drug Avandia has been linked by a study to heart attacks and deaths. Commentator Dr. Stefan Kertesz says, in addition to the drug itself, the system that led to it being so heavily prescribed should be examined.
Posted In: Health

Seeking peace through literacy

| Jun 5, 2007
Extremists are recruiting in the mosques of cities like Casablanca, where unemployment and illiteracy are widespread. But John Laurenson reports the Moroccan government has a cheap and effective way to win hearts and minds.
Posted In: Canada

Hand over the cash or the Amazon gets drilled

Dan Grech | Jun 5, 2007
Ecuador's president says if international organizations and foreign governments pony up hundreds of millions of dollars a year in development aid, the country won't drill for oil in the Amazon Basin. Dan Grech reports.

New Coke? Made with less water

Sam Eaton | Jun 5, 2007
Coca-Cola is promising to return to nature every drop of water it uses in making its drinks. Last year, that was 76 billion gallons worldwide. Sustainability Desk reporter Sam Eaton talks with Kai Ryssdal about Coke's plans.

Corner stores on the edge

| Jun 5, 2007
In dense urban areas where housing prices are rising dramatically, corner stores are seeing a lot of new faces. Lisa Chow takes a look at New York markets on the leading edge of gentrification.
Posted In: New York, Retail

Save the ugly, smelly, little fish or else...

| Jun 5, 2007
It lacks the glamour of dolphins and whales, but at the bottom of the food chain, the lowly Atlantic menhaden might be the most important fish in the sea. Bruce Franklin suggests we get it an agent or maybe a celebrity spokesperson before it dies out.