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Medicare drug bill stalls

Helen Palmer | Apr 18, 2007
A bill to allow Medicare to negotiate cheaper drug prices failed in the Senate today, as Democrats couldn't muster enough votes to break a Republican filibuster. Helen Palmer reports.
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U.S. needs a prescription for gun control

| Apr 18, 2007
When a seriously depressed person requires an antidepressant, he needs a doctor's permission. If a person wants to buy a gun, he needs only two forms of ID. Commentator Robert Reich has some thoughts about that.
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When there's less white on the Green Mountain State

Jane Lindholm | Apr 18, 2007
Vermont has long relied on winter tourism to bolster its economy. But with less snow and warmer weather this past season, businesses are considering other options. Jane Lindholm reports.

Last-minute online filers tax servers

John Dimsdale and Tess Vigeland | Apr 18, 2007
Tax filers using Turbo Tax and other software flooded computer servers Tuesday night, causing some customers to miss the midnight deadline. Our John Dimsdale shares the details with host Tess Vigeland.
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Drought, debt claim India's farmers

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 18, 2007
Monsoons provide critical moisture for India's farms. But they've become less and less reliable. And that's driving some farmers to take desperate measures. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Washington does battle over war spending

Steve Henn | Apr 18, 2007
Lawmakers are squaring off with the White House over Iraq funding. Congress is expected to set deadlines for U.S. troops to come home when it delivers its supplemental war spending package. Bush has promised a veto.
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Let the Bush tax cuts go

| Apr 18, 2007
The rich are rich enough, says commentator Ben Stein. He argues that America's wealthiest can afford to pay higher taxes so that America can afford to do more for the men and women serving in our military.
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Motion-capture thespians

| Apr 18, 2007
The high-tech world of video gaming is providing a whole new stage for aspiring actors. And it's win-win: The actors get experience and a paying gig. And it's faster and cheaper for the game makers than creating forms from scratch.
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Lenders shut out of student loan database

Steve Henn | Apr 18, 2007
The Department of Education shut down its National Student Loan Database late last night, denying thousands of lenders access following reports of unlawful data mining for information about U.S. college students and their families.
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It's a British retail invasion

Bob Moon | Apr 18, 2007
A major new competitor looms on the horizon for U.S. convenience stores and markets. British super-retailer Tesco is about to open stores here and analysts say it could pose a legitimate threat.
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