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Supporting roles in fraud just as liable?

John Dimsdale | Oct 9, 2007
The Supreme Court will decide today whether those who help a company rip off shareholders can be sued by investors. John Dimsdale reports this may be a proxy battle for bigger lawsuits to come.
Posted In: Crime

Why Italian men won't leave the nest

Scott Jagow | Oct 9, 2007
In Italy, over one-third of men over 30 live at home with their parents. Scott Jagow talks to Rome correspondent Megan Williams about the influence of the country's economic situation and family culture.
Posted In: Jobs

Sorry, Wii all out

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 9, 2007
Nintendo says it's worried there won't be enough Wii game consoles around this holiday season. Analysts say the company may be bluffing to boost demand, but Jeremy Hobson reports scarcity might help their competition.
Posted In: Entertainment, Retail

Poverty may be good for Cuba's health

Dan Grech | Oct 8, 2007
The latest figures from the United Nations show Cubans have slightly longer life expectancy than Americans. A new study suggests it may be poverty that keeps Cubans going strong. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Health

Will Southwest's economy dry up?

Stacey Vanek Smith | Oct 8, 2007
Scientists saying global warming is going to make the Southwest United States especially dry. That will likely have dire consequences on the economy of one of the country's fastest growing regions. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Google shares join a select group

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 8, 2007
Google is now one of a half-dozen companies with stocks listed above $600 dollars a share on American exchanges. But why? Kai Ryssdal searched for answers from Brian Cooley at CNet.

Now, the customer's always managed

| Oct 8, 2007
Most companies try to at least appear interested in how their customers feel. But if you're starting to feel more like a lab rat than a loyal customer, get used to it, says commentator Ian Ayres.

London's boom is falling down

| Oct 8, 2007
The subprime crisis and the related problems of British bank Northern Rock are creating some tough times for "The City" -- London's business district. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Economy

Dollar's value not up to EU's liking

Sam Eaton | Oct 8, 2007
The dollar's recent problems against the euro might be good for American exporters, but for European finance ministers meeting this week in Germany it's become a major headache. Sam Eaton reports.
Posted In: Economy

Court to hear Enron shareholders' case

John Dimsdale | Oct 8, 2007
The marquee case on the Supreme Court docket for Tuesday pits people who lost money on Enron versus the company's bankers, lawyers and accountants. John Dimsdale reports it'll test how far afield the liability for corporate wrongdoing extends.
Posted In: Crime, Investing, Wall Street