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Refinancing Mortgage

Chris Farrell | Jan 23, 2008
Question: Hi, I have an ARM which is just adjusted to 5.75% (and it'll increase to 8.5% next December). I owe $120,000 on this. I have a 2nd...
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Longer stays for breast cancer patients

Jeremy Hobson | Jan 23, 2008
Congress is considering a bill that would allow longer hospital stays for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery. Jeremy Hobson reports the main issues are time and money.
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Loosening the limits on French sales

| Jan 23, 2008
Retails sales are only permitting twice a year in France, but the government is considering allowing them year round. Anita Elash weighs the pros and cons of making "les soldes" more frequent.
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U.S. mayors dedicated to green

Dan Grech | Jan 23, 2008
The housing crisis and sustainability issues are just two arenas this year's U.S. Conference of Mayors will be tackling. Dan Grech reports the mayors are focused on keeping up on climate-change initiatives

Davos forum considers market turmoil

Stephen Beard | Jan 23, 2008
The annual World Economic Forum for business leaders in Davos, Switzerland is looking this year about what can be done for the troubled global economy. Stephen Beard also reports how some reacted to the Fed rate cut.
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What overseas markets expect now

Scott Jagow | Jan 23, 2008
The Fed rate cut managed to ease some of the panic. What are investors overseas worrying about now? Scott Jagow talks to Bruce Einhorn of Businessweek Magazine in Hong Kong about what the mood is in the market over there.
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Watch out for those green ones...

Andrea Gardner | Jan 23, 2008
The maker of M&Ms wants to release a bag of greens-only candies to cash in on an urban legend about the romantic power of the colored chocolates. Andrea Gardner reports why it could be a risky campaign.
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The Fed wins the stimulus debate

| Jan 23, 2008
When it comes to stiumulating the economy, everyone from the president to Congress to the politicians on the campaign trail has a plan. Commentator Will Wilkinson says yesterday's Fed's rate cut won out over them all.

Second Life's economy slows down, too

Janet Babin | Jan 22, 2008
Second Life was supposed to be the next, great Internet space. But the virtual universe has been shrinking. It's even suffered some big, virtual bank defaults. Janet Babin reports.

Letters: It's your turn

| Jan 22, 2008
Kai Ryssdal reviews your letters about workplace culture, compensation for Iraqis, Mike Huckabee's tax plan, and what you're doing during the writers strike.