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Construction signs of a new Silk Road

Kai Ryssdal and Scott Tong | Mar 14, 2008
The port of Dubai offers a snapshot of the Middle East's place in the global economy. Goods and capital flowing between countries, with the U.S. rarely in sight. Kai Ryssdal and Scott Tong report from Dubai and the Chinese port city of Qingdao.

Retiring an old car

Jeff Tyler | Mar 14, 2008
We tend to get attached to our cars, but in an economic climate like this, we all have to make sacrifices. Jeff Tyler learns when it makes financial sense to kiss that old car goodbye.

Straight Story: Now what?

Chris Farrell | Mar 14, 2008
Everyone's finally starting to agree that we're in a recession. Economics editor Chris Farrell's sets the story straight on how you (and your portfolio) should be reacting.

Making sense of modern prices

| Mar 14, 2008
Consumer goods are cheaper than ever as health care and education costs soar. Tess asks Peter Hong how prices now compare to prices in the past and what to make of it.

Keeping tabs on inflation

Alisa Roth | Mar 14, 2008
The Fed has its eye on core inflation, but some are more concerned about costs that figure doesn't include, like energy and food. Alisa Roth explains what all the indicators really mean.
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Market Turmoil

Chris Farrell | Mar 14, 2008
Question: I have some money in 401K but it's all vanishing because of the stock market drop. Is it a good idea to ride it out,or transfer the money...
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Trent Reznor pulls a Radiohead

Doug Krizner | Mar 14, 2008
Trent Reznor bypassed the record company and took Nine Inch Nail's new release straight to the Internet. Doug Krizner talks to Billboard Magazine's Bill Werde about artists' trend of cutting out the label.
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Recession . . . with a silver lining

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Mar 14, 2008
Oil is up, the dollar is down and economists are saying there's no more denying a recession. But Nancy Marshall Genzer reports despite trouble in the market, there's a silver lining to the weakened economy.
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The rise of the hostile techover

Sam Eaton | Mar 14, 2008
The slowdown in the economy has made takeover attempts more common amidst tech companies. Sam Eaton reports why this is a relatively new tactic in Silicon Valley and how these moves could potentially backfire.
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Keeping doors open for students

Jeremy Hobson | Mar 14, 2008
Congress is concerned about an imminent crisis in the student loan industry. Jeremey Hobson looks into the subprime crunch's spillover into educational funding and why some lenders are closing up shop.
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