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ECB firm against interest rate pressure

Stephen Beard | Jul 3, 2008
Despite pressure from the U.S. Treasury and European politicians, the European Central Bank seems intent on raising interest rates. Stephen Beard reports the bank's objective is to use higher rates to curb inflation.

Grain prices eat at organic industry

Sam Eaton | Jul 3, 2008
Organic food producers are feeling the pinch of surging grain prices, and some are predicting an all-out contraction. Sam Eaton hangs out with one dairy farmer who has gone into the red to feed his cows.
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Salaries up for recent college grads

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 3, 2008
An employment survey found starting salaries among recent college grads are up across the board on average of 7 percent over last year. Jeremy Hobson reports which saw the biggest income increase.
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Chrysler's $3 gas a cheap idea?

Rico Gagliano | Jul 3, 2008
Chrysler wants to boost weak sales by offering a gas incentive: $3 a gallon for three years. But with gas prices only rising, is that a smart move? Rico Gagliano looks into how much money customers would save with the deal.
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Welcome to debt!

Bob Moon | Jul 2, 2008
With consumer confidence at an all-time low, it's time to get used to the status quo. Host Bob Moon talks to author Barbara Ehrenreich about preparing for the realities of the current economy.
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Congress's summer job: The economy

| Jul 2, 2008
The economic stimulus was just a drop in the bucket. If Congress really wants to get the economy back on its feet, commentator Robert Reich has some summer homework for them.

Banks brace for Basel II

Amy Scott | Jul 2, 2008
Financial regulators are proposing stricter capital guidelines for banks to prevent risky investments from causing another meltdown. Amy Scott reports.
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An economy gone to the dogs

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 2, 2008
People aren't the only ones hurt by the weak economy. As finances get tighter, animal shelters are filling up with the pets that owners can't afford to take care. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Wal-Mart looks local to save on shipping

Sam Eaton | Jul 2, 2008
The mega-retailer is set to become the nation's largest buyer of locally grown produce with a promise to purchase $400 million worth of crops from local farmers. Sam Eaton reports.
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Microsoft still searching for Yahoo

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jul 2, 2008
Apparently, Microsoft's not used to rejection. Despite being rebuffed, the computer giant is still looking for a way to get a piece of Yahoo's search market. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.