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Bailout Fallout

Chris Farrell | Mar 21, 2008
This is an intriguing comment/proposal by a listener, Matthew in Los Angeles. My own sense is that there is growing resentment, maybe even anger,...

Starbucks suit tips in baristas' favor

Dan Grech | Mar 21, 2008
Starbucks baristas in California have won $100 million in back tips from a class-action lawsuit forbidding supervisors to share lower-level employee gratuity. Dan Grech reports where baristas draw the rank lines.
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London hedge fund uses dirty tricks

Scott Jagow and Stephen Beard | Mar 21, 2008
A dirty tricks unit in the U.K. was manipulating stocks by spreading false rumors and making huge profits from short-selling. Doug Krizner talks to Stephen Beard about the "trash and cash" operation that got them in trouble.

Earmarks create a Web collapse

John Dimsdale | Mar 21, 2008
A new online earmark tracking system shut down the day requests were due because of an overload of traffic. John Dimsdale reports this could be an indicator of the House's inability to track and prioritize these projects.

A Turning Point

Chris Farrell | Mar 21, 2008
It's too early to say we're at a turning point in the banking and Wall Street financial crisis. One week does not make a trend. Still, it's...

The long journey into Taiwan

Scott Tong | Mar 21, 2008
Getting across the Taiwan strait these days is a major hassle, even though there's plenty of business back and forth. Scott Tong recreates the journey of one American businessman who travels almost all day to get to his destination.
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Discounts can't prevent retail pinch

| Mar 21, 2008
Off-price retailers are set to release earnings reports next week, and they may be starting to feel the pinch of recession. Sally Herships reports analysts have high hopes, but even discount retail might suffer.
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Dogs on the uptick in NCAA

Dan Grech | Mar 21, 2008
The Drake Bulldogs are a potential Cinderella story in the NCAA tournament this year, which could mean big money for their school. Dan Grech reports on the possible increases in merchandise sales and out-of-state applicants.
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Future cars in a present recession

Janet Babin | Mar 21, 2008
The New York Auto Show opens today, and there will be a lot of talk about cars of the future. Janet Babin reports playing with the balance sheet is might be all U.S. automakers can do to weather an economic storm.
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The economy is a funny thing after all

Scott Jagow | Mar 21, 2008
While getting his PhD in economics, Yoram Bauman discovered how to approach the subject from a humorous side. Scott Jagow talks to him about his career as the world's premiere stand-up economist.
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