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Carbon tax versus cap-and-trade

Dan Grech | Sep 27, 2007
Democratic Congressman John Dingell is proposing ideas to combat climate change today, including a gasoline tax and a surcharge for using fossil fuels. Dan Grech reports some don't find the idea innovative enough.

Guatemala has big money problem

| Sep 27, 2007
If you're irked by American vendors who never seem to be able to break that $20 from the ATM, be thankful you're not in Guatemala. Brett Neely found out that some tourists find it nearly impossible to break the huge bills ATMs spit out over there.
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Putting lesbian parents on the radar

Alex Schmidt | Sep 26, 2007
The new fall TV season is upon us, but one group you won't be seeing more of -- on network shows, anyway -- is gay and lesbian characters. But one entrepreneur is betting market economics can change that. Alex Schmidt reports.

Major events, major policies

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 26, 2007
Author and social critic Naomi Klein's new book argues that disasters or major events provide an opening for governments to make changes in economic policy that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to do. She talked with Kai Ryssdal.
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Hispanic or Latino? Fill in the blank

Dan Grech | Sep 26, 2007
An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission survey for workers that has had a box marked "Hispanic" has been changed to "Hispanic or Latino." Dan Grech takes a look at what's in a name.

Europe's bank not reading the tea leaves

| Sep 26, 2007
While the Federal Reserve may be moving soon toward another interest-rate cut, the European Central Bank appears on course to once again raise rates. Commentator David Frum says that would be bad for Europe -- and us.

Little warming on emissions accords

Sam Eaton | Sep 26, 2007
Making sure rising economic powers such as China, India and Brazil do their part to curb greenhouse gases has become a major sticking point for the White House. But, as Sam Eaton reports, the solutions might be even stickier.

Ratings agencies score low in D.C.

Amy Scott | Sep 26, 2007
At a hearing today, U.S. senators tore into the three major credit rating agencies -- Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poors -- over their roles in the subprime meltdown. At the same time, the SEC said it's investigating conflicts of interest. Amy Scott reports.
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Health-care deal just a start for GM

Alisa Roth | Sep 26, 2007
One of the key agreements in the new GM-UAW contract is a trust fund for employee and retiree health care benefits. It allows GM to erase tens of billions of dollars of liability from its books. But it still might not be enough. Alisa Roth reports.
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New deal from World Bank

John Dimsdale | Sep 26, 2007
The World Bank wants to set up a deal that would give financial aid to poor countries. John Dimsdale reports this would also involve a substantial cut in interest rates.
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