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Big planes, big show, big deal

Stephen Beard | Nov 9, 2007
Airbus and Boeing are both attending one of the world's biggest air shows in Dubai, where Emirates will pick a winner for a 100-plane deal worth $20 billion. Stephen Beard reports who might take the lead.
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Calling out Fannie Mae on earnings

Steve Tripoli | Nov 9, 2007
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating whether Fannie Mae bought mortgages based on overblown appraisals. Steve Tripoli reports investors will be asking questions over a conference call.
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U.K. stands up for U.S. writers

| Nov 9, 2007
To get around the Writers Guild strike, some U.S. TV and film producers have been scouting writers in the U.K. Scott Jagow talks to Adam Dawtrey of Variety in London about U.K. writers standing with the WGA.
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German ingenuity . . . in Poland

| Nov 9, 2007
With millions of Poles traveling to England for work, labor becomes short in their home country. So Poland is filling the gap with affordable labor from eastern Germany. Brett Neely has more.
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Brazil leads in Florida trade

Dan Grech | Nov 9, 2007
Florida Governor Charlie Crist visited Brazil with several U.S. businessmen to encourage the strong ties between the two trading partners. Dan Grech explores exactly what the two powers are trading.

The revenue rise of the MLB

Scott Jagow | Nov 9, 2007
Major League Baseball's revenue has been growing steadily over the last few years, and this season it grossed a tie with football. Scott Jagow talks to business of sports commentator Diana Nyad about the MLB's gain.
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Peru trade perilous for U.S. regulations

Dan Grech | Nov 9, 2007
The free-trade agreement with Peru passed in the House comes with staunch opposition from the Democrats. Dan Grech reports the issue comes from the fact that the agreement is about more than just trade.
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A weak dollar's great for exports

| Nov 9, 2007
It might be bad for foreign travel, but a weakening U.S. dollar is actually good news for trade. Paul Brandus reports the extra competitive edge from a cheaper buck can help generate an extra $100 billion in exports.
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The fix is in decline

Sean Cole | Nov 9, 2007
How did everything suddenly switch from repairable to disposable and what does that mean for your local handyman? Sean Cole visits fix-it shops to get some answers.

Meet the freegans

Tess Vigeland | Nov 9, 2007
More than 10 percent of trash is food, but would you be willing to take a bite? Tess Vigeland trolls for the edible gems in the garbage of Manhattan with the freegans.