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America needs immigrants' ambition

| Dec 26, 2007
Illegal immigration is still a hot topic on the campaign trail. But commentator Robert Reich says the current debate over the issue misses the mark.
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Prospering at helping cheaters

Amy Scott | Dec 26, 2007
Some 2 million certification exams are taken in the I.T. profession alone every year. The Boston Globe has been investigating a new industry that helps people cheat on those tests. Correspondent Kevin Baron discussed his findings with host Amy Scott.

Indonesia rebuilds with tsunami aid

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 26, 2007
Three years ago a tsunami in Indonesia killed more than 230,000 people. It also spurred an outpouring of $13 billion in aid from around the globe. Jeremy Hobson reports on where the money went.
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Buffett buys manufacturing giant

Jill Barshay | Dec 26, 2007
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway agreed to buy 60% of the manufacturing giant Marmon Holdings. At $4.5 billion it's the biggest deal Buffett's done outside the insurance business. Jill Barshay reports.
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Medical School

Chris Farrell | Dec 26, 2007
Question: I recently inherited a small life insurance from my mother's passing. There are no guidelines how I should spend the money, but it was...
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Finding rich executives behaving badly

Amy Scott | Dec 26, 2007
Plenty of executives and their companies were exposed for questionable behavior this year. Michelle Leder, editor of, dug up many of these indiscretions from the fine print of SEC filings. She talks with host Amy Scott.
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BMW cutting jobs for efficiency

Alisa Roth | Dec 26, 2007
Car maker BMW announced it's going to cut thousands of jobs next year. Although the company wants to cut its costs, it's not squeezing its staff because of the same problems facing Detroit. Alisa Roth reports.
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It was a weak retail season

Jill Barshay | Dec 26, 2007
Last-minute shoppers helped boost retail numbers before the holiday, but overall buying was still weak. Jill Barshay reports women's clothing was a particularly big casualty, and tells us where to go for bargains now.
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Business flights can't carry economy

Stephen Beard | Dec 26, 2007
After MAXjet filed for bankruptcy on Christmas Eve, other business-only carriers have come forward with their own economic hardships. Stephen Beard reports which airlines may not be taking off as expected.
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When the private-equity bubble burst

Amy Scott | Dec 26, 2007
Many private-equity stories on Wall Street had disappointing endings this year. Amy Scott recaps some of the deals with Doug Krizner, and looks into why many investors started turning away from risky debt.
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