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Banks clamp down on college loans

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jun 2, 2008
With banks running from risk, it's getting more difficult for students at small colleges to borrow money for their education. Nancy Marshall Genzer outlines options for students in the rapidly shrinking student loan market.
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Mass transit braces for fed-up drivers

Sam Eaton | Jun 2, 2008
With no relief in sight from high gas prices, more Americans are turning to public transit for their commutes. Sam Eaton reports on how transit systems are preparing for new riders.

Banks ignore some community colleges

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jun 2, 2008
Banks are reportedly passing over some community colleges loans, making it difficult for those students to pay. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports why these banks may be shooting themselves in the foot.
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Affordable solar panels to come

Sam Eaton | Jun 2, 2008
Solar power is often left out of the renewable energy equation because of its high cost. But as production catches up, the industry is bracing for a glut. Sam Eaton reports the price of solar panels may drop as much as 40 percent.

A taste of Kentucky wine

| Jun 2, 2008
Kentucky isn't known for its wine, but the state is touting more and more vintners as small farmers turn away from tobacco. Gabe Bullard has more on how in a few years, vineyards in Kentucky are expected to grow.

Higher prices for smaller cars?

| Jun 2, 2008
It might seem strange, but a quick online search for cars will reveal that an SUV is less expensive these days than an economy car. Scott Jagow talks to USA Today travel columnist Bill McGee about the rising price of smaller cars.
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An 'Africa 101' for U.S. businesses

Gretchen Wilson | Jun 2, 2008
Some prominent African-Americans and representatives from major U.S. companies have journeyed to Africa for a summit to help lift the world's poorest continent. Gretchen Wilson reports on the meeting's educational benefits.

London races New York to Beijing

Stephen Beard | Jun 2, 2008
The British government has been advising the Chinese on how to set up a private equity industry. London is seeking to pull ahead of New York in forging closer financial ties with Beijing. Stephen Beard reports.
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Credit Counseling? Bankruptcy?

Chris Farrell | Jun 2, 2008
Question: My husband and I have been offering budget counseling to friends and family for about 2 years now. It is rewarding to help people find...
Posted In: debt

Preventing children's hospital mistakes

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jun 2, 2008
A study out this morning spells out the cost of medical mistakes at children's hospitals. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports why doctors have a stronger incentive now to take care of preventable "adverse events."
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