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Many Amex layoffs seen in merger

Alisa Roth | May 6, 2008
The New York Stock Exchange hopes to finish acquiring the American Stock Exchange by the third quarter of this year. As many as 75% of Amex employees may be laid off after the merger. Alisa Roth reports.
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'Bottom fishermen' troll for bargains

| May 5, 2008
Many homeowners are frantic to refinance as their home values drop. But on the other side of the equation are buyers who are refusing to jump in until the market hits bottom. How will they know when it does? Dave DeWitt reports.

Taxing online retail sales is only fair

| May 5, 2008
New York state is requiring online retailers to charge sales tax if they have marketing agreements with businesses in the state. It's prompted an Amazon lawsuit. But commentator Michael Mazerov says Internet retailers should play by the same rules as the shop on the corner.
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AP, newspapers fit print into iPhone

Lisa Napoli | May 5, 2008
The Associated Press and 100 of its member newspapers have launched a service that will allow you better access to local news on the go. Lisa Napoli explains.

Candidates' space ideas lack launch pad

Jeremy Hobson | May 5, 2008
One thing the presidential candidates haven't been talking about is a space policy. Jeremy Hobson takes a look at whether the candidates have any plans for the final frontier.
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N.Y. art auctions immune to economy

Jill Barshay | May 5, 2008
New York City's art auction season opens today. Sotheby's and Christie's are hoping to sell $1.8 billion worth of works -- 25% more than last year. Jill Barshay reports on the art bubble that's just getting larger, despite a struggling U.S. economy.
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Asian rivals to look to common interests

Scott Tong | May 5, 2008
Chinese President Hu Jintao leaves Tuesday for a five-day visit of Japan aimed at healing tensions between Asia's two biggest rivals. They're expected to unveil a plan for managing their economic interests in the coming years. Scott Tong reports.

Aflac shareholders OK executives' pay

John Dimsdale | May 5, 2008
Investors in the insurance company Aflac have become the first shareholders of a major U.S. company to vote on top executives' salaries. They overwhelmingly rubber-stamped a pay package put together by the board of directors. John Dimsdale reports.
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Yahoo jilted for rejecting Microsoft

Tess Vigeland | May 5, 2008
Microsoft has finally given up on wooing Yahoo into a long-term relationship. And today shareholders punished Yahoo with a 15% price drop. Host Tess Vigeland talks with C-Net's Ina Fried about what happened.
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Cash or Loan?

Chris Farrell | May 5, 2008
Question: Hi, I have to replace my roof (sooner then later). Should I pay cash from a money market savings account, or take out a loan? Thank you,...
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