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Southwest's hedge on fuel backfires

Janet Babin | Oct 16, 2008
At first, it looked like Southwest Airlines hedged its bets well when it prepaid for fuel because prices were going up. Unfortunately, now oil prices are falling. Janet Babin has more on Southwest and airlines in general.
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Hedge fund failures a dangerous sign

Bob Moon | Oct 16, 2008
A growing number of hedge funds have gone from big winners to big losers. Highland Capital Management is shutting down two of them, blaming "unprecedented market volatility." Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon reports.
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Former board member's take on the Fed

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 16, 2008
Have we made the turn from planning a bailout to managing the recession? What's next for interest rates? For answers to these and other questions, Kai Ryssdal turns to former Fed Board member Frederic Mishkin.
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Unused cash piling up at the Fed

Steve Henn | Oct 16, 2008
When banks don't lend to each other one side effect is that hundreds of billions of dollars in cash can pile up -- unused -- at the Federal Reserve Bank. Steve Henn reports that may not be a good sign for the economy.
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Why are oil prices dropping?

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Oct 16, 2008
The price of oil this morning is $72 a barrel -- half of what it was three months ago. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks into some factors influencing oil markets, including the disappearance of some speculators.
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Social Security and inflation

Chris Farrell | Oct 16, 2008
Social Security says that benefits will increase by 5.8% in 2009. Social Security is really the only retirement product that offers genuine...
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Where are the stock market "circuit breakers"?

Chris Farrell | Oct 16, 2008
Question: why did the market not shut down during the freefalls in the past weeks?...

Swiss bank bailout ends risks

Megan Williams | Oct 16, 2008
Swiss banks UBS and Credit Suisse are the latest banks to receive multibillion-dollar bailouts. Megan Williams reports how cash from the government and global investors has ended the banks' shareholder risk.

Japan feels effects of U.S. spending

Scott Tong | Oct 16, 2008
As U.S. consumers spend less, Japan's export-led economy has to be more careful. Scott Tong looks into how Japan and all Asian markets are affected by a complicated global bubble.

CNN trying to be funny

| Oct 16, 2008
In its own take on comedy news, CNN will be airing its own comedian-hosted show, covering everything from politics to sports to pop culture. Susanna Capelouto reports why the move to be funny is very calculated.
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