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Marketing American football to Mexico

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 1, 2008
Mexico is home to the biggest football audience outside the U.S. and Canada, and now the NFL is trying out creative ways to market the sport there. Claudine LoMonaco reports.
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NFL blocks churches' game gatherings

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 1, 2008
Churches that have invited their members to big-screen viewings of the Super Bowl are being called for a penalty by the National Football League. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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How would Microsoft change Yahoo?

Stacey Vanek Smith | Feb 1, 2008
Microsoft-Yahoo would have to be very innovative to compete with Google, which has almost 60% of the online-search market. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Duopoly may take over Internet

Kai Ryssdal and Lisa Napoli | Feb 1, 2008
Once heralded as a completely open environment not ruled by corporate giants, the Net may now be dominated by two forces, Microsoft-Yahoo and Google. Lisa Napoli reports.

Job figures only add to the confusion

Bob Moon | Feb 1, 2008
January was the first time in more than four years that the economy ended a month with fewer jobs than it started. Bob Moon reports on which industries were hit the worst.
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Straight Story: Borrow and spend

Chris Farrell | Feb 1, 2008
Economics editor Chris Farrell pulls out his crystal ball and sees a return to frugality. Chris sets the story straight on the end of the "borrow and spend" economy.

Tuning in to digital TV

Lisa Napoli | Feb 1, 2008
Big changes are coming over the air, but more than a third of TV-owning households don't know it yet. Lisa Napoli explains everything you need to know about the digital TV transition.
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Age a factor in Florida primary

John Dimsdale | Feb 1, 2008
Retirees cast half the votes in Florida's primary, but more young people are moving to the state. As John Dimsdale reports, they bring different opinions about the economy than their elders.

Microsoft deal makes a Google rival

Doug Krizner and Lisa Napoli | Feb 1, 2008
A Microsoft-Yahoo merger could mean strong competition for Google. Doug Krizner talks to Marketplace Internet and technology report Lisa Napoli about the effects of the deal and what could happen next.

Considering a 'United States of Africa'

Gretchen Wilson | Feb 1, 2008
Members of the African Union are considering a confederation of the continent into something similar to the E.U. Gretchen Wilson reports whether the idea is a realistic one with 53 countries on board.