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High-speed Net service hits slowdown

Richard Core | Aug 12, 2008
Wired's "Epicenter" blog has an item based on reports out this week that say Americans' adoption of broadband service hit a seven-year low last...
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A 0% Capital Gains Tax Rate?

Chris Farrell | Aug 12, 2008
Question: I have been told that in 2009, if my income is under $65,000, I do not have to pay capital gains tax on some stocks that I would like to...
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Hydrogen vehicles go cross-country

Richard Core | Aug 12, 2008
A two-week road trip from Portland, Me., to Los Angeles is underway to show the commercial viability of hydrogen-fueled vehicles....
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Russia's next target is its grain industry

Stephen Beard | Aug 12, 2008
Russia apparently wants to be a superpower again, and the plan looks to be government control over its natural resources -- first oil, now grain. Stephen Beard reports the story.

The roots of Russia's hostility

| Aug 12, 2008
Commentator Marshall Goldman says that Russia doesn't care if the rest of the world thinks it's a bully for attacking Georgia and threatening European oil supplies. She tells us why.

Letters from our listeners

| Aug 12, 2008
Host Kai Ryssdal reads listener comments on a few of our recent stories. This week, listeners wrote about the cost of fighting wildfires, geriatric medicine and conservative economic policies.

Italian vintner pairs wine with jazz

Megan Williams | Aug 12, 2008
A bottle or two of vino might just have you singing. That's probably why an Italian wine maker is using song to promote its product--and it's hitting all the right notes. Megan Williams has the story.

Are corporate tax breaks now ho-hum?

Jeremy Hobson | Aug 12, 2008
The GAO report out today says that two-thirds of companies operating in the U.S. aren't paying taxes. So, where's the outrage? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Campaign TV spots become a bargain

| Aug 12, 2008
TV stations have slashed the price of advertising because companies that traditionally buy commercials have cut back spending. That means cheaper airtime for political ads. Steve Henn has the story.

Farmer fields questions on crop report

| Aug 12, 2008
Host Kai Ryssdal goes right to the source to talk about the government's latest crop survey and its prediction for a bumper corn harvest. An Illinois farmer gives his take on the news.