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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on 'silicon leadership'

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 1, 2014
Intel plans to make its supply chain conflict-free by 2016.

Smaller cable companies are in a tight corner

Mitchell Hartman | Oct 1, 2014
Faced with price hikes for content, some small cable companies are cutting ties to big providers like Viacom.

Why there is no Ebola vaccine

Dan Gorenstein | Oct 1, 2014
The simple reality is that drug manufacturers want to make money.

Reddit raises $50 million and wants to share with users

Tracey Samuelson | Oct 1, 2014
Reddit announces new funding, and wants to work out a way to give back to its loyal community.

Who are the small cable providers that are getting out of TV?

Tony Wagner | Oct 1, 2014
Higher fees and lower interest are pushing these small companies away from TV.
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The numbers for October 1, 2014

Tony Wagner | Oct 1, 2014
Jobs, drought and arrests in mainland China: Here's what we're reading Wednesday.

Public health officials: We're prepared for Ebola

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Oct 1, 2014
Health officials say beefing up bioterrorism preparedness years ago is paying off.
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PODCAST: Taking attendance to get funding

David Brancaccio | Oct 1, 2014
Ebola in the U.S., Colorado students get counted and signs of life at Jaguar.

Discovering hidden languages in centuries-old writing

Noel King | Oct 1, 2014
The technology Michael Toth uses to find treasure in ancient manuscripts.
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The discount that links big tobacco to the military

Sally Herships | Oct 1, 2014
Legislation wants the big business of selling tobacco to military members to stop.
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