Ad child abuse
A screenshot explains how the advertising works for anti-child abuse organization, ANAR.  - 

An ad from a Spanish organization that fights child abuse has launched a new awareness campaign -- using technology to share its message in an original way.

Through lenticular printing technology -- which uses precisely shaped small lenses to create the illusion of 3-D or animation without the use of special visual aids -- the ad appears differently for adults and children, sending a secret message to kids.

See how it works in the video below:


Adults who walk by the advertisement, created by advertising agency Grey Spain, will see a kid and the message (in Spanish): "Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it."

However, anyone who is shorter than 4'5" -- around the average height of a 10-year-old -- will see bruises on the child's face and the hotline number for ANAR (the Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation) and a message that says, "If somebody hurts you, phone us and we'll help you."

Of course, now that the video and ad have gone viral, will it work? And how long will it be until this type of advertising is used in more mainstream marketing?

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