Friends don't let friends Google Glass and drive

Cecilia Abadie's ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving.

A woman in California was pulled over this week while driving. She wasn't speeding, or drunk. But maybe the officer thought she was texting -- with her eyes. Cecilia Abadie was ticketed by a California Highway Patrol officer for wearing her Google Glass while driving. The CHP issued a statement saying it is illegal under California law to have a video screen near the driver's seat, let alone on the driver's face.

The incident might be a first in a complicated matter for Google. Russell Brandom of The Verge discusses the story with Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson. 

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Ben Johnson is the host of Marketplace Tech.
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Not speeding?! Actually one of the infractions on that ticket IS SPEEDING! Just right above the Google glASS infraction. She was going over the 65 MPH speed limit! She said it herself, she thought she was in a 75 MPH zone (maybe she was distracted by Google glASS perhaps?) instead of 65. No such thing as 75 MPH zone; there are 70 MPH zones however.

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