The selling of health insurance

Dec 16, 2013
Have you spotted them yet? Health care insurance ads. If you haven't seen any, just get ready -- there's a coming ad blitz.
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Poll: Would you get health insurance or pay the penalty?

Dec 12, 2013
In a recent survey, 38 percent of respondents said they would rather pay a $400 fine than pay $3,000 for health insurance.
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With Healthcare.gov, phones finally begin ringing at small insurers

Dec 11, 2013
Many small insurers expected a bonanza of new customers when Healthcare.gov began on Oct. 1, but the website's problems made the first weeks very quiet for them.
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'Admission' vs 'Observation': Medical worlds apart

Dec 6, 2013
Instead of admitting Medicare patients quickly, hospitals are "observing" them for as long as two days.
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How post-ACA health care is like the airline business

Dec 5, 2013
The question for hospital executives in Camden, N.J., and around the country, is how to manage a new wave of patients.
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Healthcare.gov's next hurdle: Fixing the part you don't see

Dec 2, 2013
What are the technical challenges in fixing the back end of healthcare.gov?
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Is healthcare.gov really fixed?

Dec 2, 2013
The claim is that healthcare.gov is fixed to the point that it works for 9 out 10 consumers.
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ACA enrollment: Lessons from Social Security and Medicare

Nov 27, 2013
The roll-out of Obamacare isn't the first time the government has done something this big.
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Another Obamacare delay, this time for small business

Nov 27, 2013
December 1 is a big day for the Obama administration's implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
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Insurance brokers: Obamacare is like.... (pick a metaphor)

Nov 25, 2013
As insurance brokers navigate the new system, they're not comparing it to a summer's day.
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