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Trump threatens to end WHO funding over "repeated missteps" in COVID-19 response

Trump has accused the WHO of lacking independence from China based on a review his administration has carried out.
In a late-night tweet, the president warned the WHO it has 30 days to make "substantive improvements" in becoming more independent.
Doug Mills - Pool/Getty Images

WHO's fight against Zika highlights funding issues

Feb 24, 2016
The organization's ability to tackle disease globally is hampered by under-funding.
World Health Organization (WHO) chief Margaret Chan attends a press conference on Zika virus outbreak on March 22, 2016 at the health organization headquarters in Geneva. 

WHO warns Zika virus could infect 4 million

Jan 28, 2016
Trade is unlikely to be affected but the travel industry is already seeing impact.
Health workers fumigate in an attempt to eradicate the mosquito which transmits the Zika virus on January 28, 2016 in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Two two-man teams were fumigating in the city today. Health officials believe as many as 100,000 people have been exposed to the Zika virus in Recife, although most never develop symptoms.
Mario Tama/Getty Images