With Mexico as top U.S. trade partner, industrial real estate booms in Laredo

Nov 21, 2023
Developers in the city on the Rio Grande are seeing high demand for warehousing space as the U.S. strengthens trade with Mexico.
AJ Kraus, CEO of Pinnacle Industry Center, calls the growing industrial park in Laredo “valley of the giants” because of the enormous warehouses that dominate the landscape.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace

Inside the evolving infrastructure of Laredo, the No 1. port in the U.S.

Nov 14, 2023
With tens of thousands of trucks passing through Laredo each day, bridges and roads are critical to this center of North American trade.
About 10,000 northbound trucks pass through the Port of Laredo each day, a number expected to grow as trade between the U.S. and Mexico increases.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace

How a booming gun business in the U.S. arms Mexico’s cartels

Oct 19, 2023
Easy access to weapons has fueled an underground supply chain that sends firearms and ammo south while drugs and migrants move north.
Assault-style rifles for sale in an American gun store. Many firearms smuggled into Mexico are bought legally in the U.S.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

As Title 42 ends, the strong U.S. economy is a major draw for migrants

May 11, 2023
Available jobs and better wages are helping shape the immigration patterns of people leaving their home countries for safer conditions.
Immigrants seeking asylum line up in Yuma, Arizona, on May 11. An increasing number of migrants are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border as Title 42 expires.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Mexican border town residents resilient despite pandemic isolation

Nov 23, 2021
When the border closed between Big Bend National Park and Boquillas in 2020, it separated residents from their main source of income.
Pre-pandemic, thousands of tourists crossed through the Boquillas port of entry each year. The port connecting Boquillas to Big Bend National Park in Texas closed in March 2020 but reopened on Nov. 17.
Annie Rosenthal/Marfa Public Radio

Border towns struggling with virus surge

Jul 17, 2020
In normal times, the border at Laredo, Texas, is very fluid. Now commerce is down and anxieties are up.
A man in Texas waits for a bus to take him across the border to Mexico. Travel and commerce are down in the area.
Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty Images

For supply chain companies, U.S.-Mexico border closures could be catastrophic

Mar 16, 2020
Mexico’s deputy health minister says he’s worried about people coming into Mexico from the United States.
Two-thirds of Mexico’s export business is with the United States. And 70% of that passes through Texas.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

What's changed at the U.S.-Mexico border because of COVID-19?

Mar 12, 2020
People are continuing to go to work and take public transportation at the border.
A man sits on a fountain just across the street from the border crossing in Brownsville, Texas, on June 29, 2019.
Sergio Flores/AFP via Getty Images

Tariffs on Mexican imports may increase the price you pay for apples

May 31, 2019
One apple farmer in Washington state shares his concerns about the trade war with Mexico.
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Border life: They're fighting a wall that would divide their land

Feb 4, 2019
Fred Cavazos and Rey Anzaldua say a planned expansion of a South Texas wall would hurt their livelihood and is disruptive to their family history.
Rey Anzaldua, 73, sits in his cousin Fred’s dining room on Thursday, Jan. 31 2019, mulling over documents the federal government has sent the family seeking permission to build a wall on their land. He says the family will never sign over the rights and the government will have to take the land through eminent domain if a wall is going to be built on their property.
Filipa Rodrigues/Marketplace