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How this engineer hopes to inspire Muslim women to pursue operational roles

Nov 25, 2021
Aminah Shafiq, senior water quality advisor for Severn Trent Water, noticed her helmet wasn't fitting properly, so she designed the first PPE-specific headscarf.
Aminah Shafiq, senior water quality advisor at Severn Trent Water, designed the first PPE-specific headscarf.
Courtesy Sarah Hawkins (BBC/Marketplace)

Is this the end of the road for the internal combustion engine in the U.K.?

Dec 2, 2020
The nation banned the sale of new fossil-fueled cars starting in 2030. Enthusiasts, and the public, are not sure the electric revolution will be complete by then.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson poses in an electric taxi. His government has accelerated its plan to move the country to electric transportation.
Leon Neal/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Brits sniff at chlorinated American chicken

Feb 26, 2020
The problem with chlorinated chicken is actually not the chlorine at all — it’s what the chlorine represents.
U.S. chicken practices could stand in the way of a U.S.-UK free trade deal.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Is Britain's fast train project worth the investment?

May 6, 2019
Rocketing cost projections are scaring off some observers.
A "Stop HS2" sign posted on a tree.
Mimisse Beard

Space tech key to future of healthcare

Apr 9, 2019
One U.K. company is developing a portable 3D X-ray machine based on space technology.
This composite image of the Kleinmann-Low Nebula, part of the Orion Nebula complex, is composed of several pointings of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope in optical and near-infrared light. Infrared light allows to peer through the dust of the nebula and to see the stars therein. The revealed stars are shown with a bright red colour in the image.
European Space Agency/NASA/Hubble/Flickr (CC BY 4.0)

Brexit stands to hurt the rest of the EU, too

Mar 14, 2019
With the limelight on Britain, it's easy to lose sight of wider ramifications.
Adam Berry/Getty Images

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As subscription-box craze hits full tilt, big brands cash in

Feb 28, 2019
Might an abundance of consumer choices saturate the subscription-box market?
It’s been a decade since subscription-box trailblazers like Birchbox revolutionized retail.
Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Birchbox

After 7-year ban, fracking for gas resumes in U.K.

Nov 8, 2018
Drilling company contends with protests as minor earthquakes trigger delays.
Anti-fracking protester Julie Daniels standing outside the fracking site in Little Plumpton, Lancashire.
Mimisse Beard

U.K. towns turn to criers to boost downtown fortunes

Oct 29, 2018
Salisbury looks to regain "people’s trust and confidence" after nerve agent attack damages its economy.
Salisbury's town crier, Jef Hutchby.
Courtesy: Salisbury Town Council