Nielsen shifts viewer counts to include device watching, finally

Dec 8, 2020
Consumer viewing habits have been changing for the last 15 years. So why did the move take so long, and why now?
"Netflix and streaming services operate in a way where they're not just competing with each other, they're very much competing with literally any other thing that we could be doing," said The Verge's Catie Keck.
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Rejuvenated Tiger Woods makes the golf economy hum

Apr 3, 2018
After a string of well-publicized personal struggles including infidelity, DUI, addiction and rehab, not to mention four back surgeries in three years, Tiger Woods is back and playing pretty well. And when Tiger Woods is good, things are good in golf. TV ratings pick up, sponsors get happy and it all adds up to a […]

NFL's ratings fall as more eyes go to debates

Oct 7, 2016
Not even the stalwart, football-loving crowd can resist a bruising word contest.
David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals scores a touchdown on a four-yard rush against the San Francisco 49ers during their NFL game on Thursday.
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The mid-season ratings slump

Mar 18, 2016
Network TV shows are back from mid-season breaks, but their audiences aren't.
Coming back after a hiatus during its current season, "Scandal" saw a 15 percent drop-off in same-day viewership. 
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Nielsen TV ratings push into social media

Jan 20, 2016
Nielsen will measure 'buzz' about TV programs with data from Facebook