A tax refund is a lifeline for a lot of Americans

Mar 4, 2020
Last year, after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 went into effect, a lot of people saw their tax refunds shrink or disappear.
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Why the IRS has received 2 million fewer tax returns this year

Mar 13, 2019
Word of smaller refunds may have had a chilling effect on filing.
People are afraid to file their taxes — and accountants are moving slower.
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The history — and psychology — behind the tax refund

Feb 20, 2019
When did taxpayers and industries start to rely on the refund?
A neon sign is seen in a window of a tax preparation office in Des Plaines, Illinois.
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Tax refund delays could sting working poor

May 13, 2016
The IRS won't be able to send some workers' refunds next year until after Feb. 15.
Refund delays could disrupt workers’ personal budgets.
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Why do people overpay their taxes, then get refunds?

Apr 13, 2015
Many taxpayers will receive a refund averaging $2,800. That's free money for the government.

Predatory tax preparers target low-income households

Apr 3, 2015
Some tax preparers charge high fees and make dubious loans to vulnerable clients.