What's the best way to get tax cheaters to pay up?

Oct 20, 2021
Democrats are revising the threshold for monitoring bank deposits and withdrawals. But would a strained IRS be up to the task?
Democrats are scaling back their proposal to expand IRS crackdowns in an effort to target wealthier tax evaders.
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German police search Deutsche Bank offices in tax haven case

Nov 29, 2018
The Frankfurt raid stems from findings in the so-called Panama Papers revealed in 2015.
 Police officers walk to the corporate headquarters of Deutsche Bank on November 29, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.
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Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty of 8 charges

Aug 21, 2018
Following four days of jury deliberation, Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, was found guilty of eight financial crimes Tuesday.
Paul Manafort, former adviser to  Donald Trump's campaign, checks the teleprompters before Trump's speech at the Mayflower Hotel April 27, 2016 in Washington, D.C.
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Thanks to Equifax, the risk of fraud is higher this tax season

Jan 29, 2018
If someone claiming to be from the IRS gives you a call, go ahead and hang up.
It's that time of year again ... tax time.
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It's tax time — and time for tax scams

Apr 13, 2016
Cyberthieves impersonate corporate executives to access information used in tax return fraud.
People fill out forms and wait in line at a downtown Manhattan post office on the final day of tax season. (2010)
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