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Lawmakers and hospitals are divided on providing free care for tax breaks

Nonprofit hospitals say legislative efforts that require them to provide more free care could hurt the people they are intended to help.
Nonprofit hospitals in the U.S. provided $16 billion in charity care in 2020, according to health policy research group KFF, while receiving $28 billion in tax breaks.
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With money to spare, some states look to tax breaks to ease inflation

May 10, 2022
How and when the breaks are applied will vary from state to state.
States could use budget surpluses to help people with everyday costs.
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House threat to tuition assistance tax break worries employers

Dec 8, 2017
Some Republican lawmakers join push to save the perk for employers and their employees.

For its tax plan to succeed, the GOP may need a better pitch to the middle class

Nov 8, 2017
Elections, it’s been said, have consequences, and last night’s local contests were no exception. The Republican losses come at an awkward time in the politics of the American economy — specifically, the tax overhaul plan the GOP’s trying to get through Congress. And even more specifically, in light of the results last night, making the […]

Local Money: The changing face of Mid-Market, San Francisco

Oct 30, 2015
As part of our Local Money project, we spotlight how tax breaks changed a formerly rundown neighborhood in San Francisco.

The interstate tax break battle

Sep 24, 2014
New Jersey crawls out of the great recession by luring businesses with tax breaks.

For public good, not for profit.

Netflix deploys Frank Underwood

Apr 1, 2014
Kevin Spacey helped Netflix lobby Maryland for tax breaks

Senate Finance Committee chair to review tax breaks

Mar 31, 2014
A Senate proposal for a temporary extension

Looking for tax breaks in all the wrong places

Mar 6, 2014
Hey homeowners: Here are some tax tips you may not know about.