Part II: 'Save money, live better'

Apr 2, 2014
As real wages continue to decline, the food stamp economy keeps booming.

Part I: The secret life of a food stamp

Apr 1, 2014
The biggest winners of the SNAP economy are the ones the government won’t tell you about.

Grocers do the math on food stamp cuts

Nov 1, 2013
As a temporary increase in food stamp benefits expires, families and businesses prepare to get by on less.

For the working poor, food stamp cuts mean living with a lot less

Nov 1, 2013
Starting today, Americans will get less in foods stamp assistance. We talk to one of them.

Convicted of a violent crime? Senate proposes food stamp cutoff

May 27, 2013
Democrats in the Senate agreed to an amendment that would ban anyone ever convicted of certain violent crimes from receiving SNAP food stamps -- for their entire lives.

As Congress debates farm bill, food stamps hang in the balance

May 17, 2013
With one in five Americans on food stamps, some in Congress want to cut back on the program.

For public good, not for profit.

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Food stamps holding up farm bill

Nov 19, 2012
Congress is considering changes in the $80 Billion food stamp program, known as SNAP.

Binders, Big Bird -- and food stamps?

Oct 29, 2012
If millions more Americans are relying on food stamps, does that mean the program is working or failing?

Election 2012: Voting for food stamps

Feb 2, 2012
The number of Americans who receive food stamps is up and the cost to taxpayers has nearly doubled since the last presidential election year. See where your state stands on this election issue.