How inflation is changing Americans' retirement plans

Jun 2, 2022
Many people are saving less for retirement or putting it off as rising prices squeeze their budgets, a new survey finds.
A new study finds that nearly half of American workers are not covered by employer-sponsored retirement benefits.
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While a 401(k) that includes cryptocurrency may pique the interest of younger investors, the volatility of bitcoin worries some financial advisors.
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A bill that aims to expand access to 401(k) accounts is on its way to the Senate

Mar 31, 2022
The House approved it by an overwhelming, bipartisan majority.
The Securing a Strong Retirement Act, now in the Senate, aims to make it easier for Americans to save for retirement.
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Default options are popular in financial decision-making, but are they effective?

From retirement savings to Social Security, the choices made for you are crucial and should be well designed.
A program's default option, in which participants are automatically enrolled, makes it easy to choose but isn't always the best choice.
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The Social Security increase is historically big

Oct 14, 2021
The 5.9% increase isn't typical, as cost of living increases for Social Security are usually under 2%.

More Americans are looking to retire earlier

Sep 8, 2021
The New York Fed reports that fewer Americans are planning to work deep into their 60s. Many of them are responding to the pressures of the pandemic.
A new survey from the New York Federal Reserve shows respondents are increasingly thinking they'll be exiting the workforce at a young age.

Retirements increased during the pandemic, reversing a trend

May 12, 2021
New census data shows more people retired last year. Their reasons and circumstances may vary widely.
Some retirees faced layoffs and health concerns, while others saw their wealth grow from real estate and stock appreciation.
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Oregon retirement savings program offers national roadmap

Economists found the automatic IRA program OregonSaves meaningfully increased retirement savings.
The success of OregonSaves, an automatic IRA program, suggests making it a national plan.
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Seniors on limited incomes find ways to cope in the pandemic

Nov 26, 2020
Social Security, Medicare prove key to helping two older women in San Francisco remain financially stable.
Residents walk inside a retirement community in Pompano Beach, Florida.
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The pandemic is pushing some older workers into retirement early

Oct 5, 2020
But some may leave before they are financially prepared for retirement.
For retirees in their 50s and early 60s, not only do they have less time to save, they won’t be eligible for Medicare or full Social Security benefits.
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